Week 4 no booze..

Had an awesome adventure. Punching this up on the plane on the way back and I’m trying to think of anytime on the holiday I was tempted to drink.

I remember situations where I’d normally drink and didn’t. Like every dinner. Every boat trip. Every hotel mini bar. Still it never crossed my mind.

Woke up this morning, no electric. The missus cracked her head on the wall and we had a weird exchange with a stranger who barged into the flat. Turned out she was the cleaner, it was all a bit of a shit show.

We did the bell tower; how many was that this holiday? About 8.

My fricking calves look like those on Michelangelo’s David.

We saw a photo exhibition by Astrid Kerrcherr, all the early Beatles pictures from Hamburg. I nearly cried and I’m unsure why. She hadn’t taken a single photo since 1967. She said no one was interested in her work since The Beatles. Shame. I bought her book for 20 sheets, will gift it to Mum for Christmas.

After we had to make an emergency stop off at a café because I needed a shit. One toilet for both sexes. As soon as my ass cheeks touched the seat someone aggressively rattled the door. One minute later another rattle. I was flustered. Luckily my ass co-operated and it wasn’t one of those shits that wipes up your back. Still I got the stink eye and something non-complimentary in Italian from an old dude as I exited. When I sat down I took off my shirt and cap in the hope he wouldn’t recognize me in the café. The missus paid for two ginger ales and as we walked off she said;

‘That shit just cost us ten quid’.

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