Teddy edward navy jacket

First thoughts: 

“Is white denim ‘in‘?” It’s probably not, maybe never was. However, I ask myself how am I going to make the variant shades of blue samples sent from British brand Teddy Edward stand out.

I have a plethora of blue denim, all the shades of the indigo prism, but I have a mania for contrast.

Unfledged for such a quandary, I break the emergency white denim glass and throw a pair of Etienne Ozeki jeans into the suitcase, along with the Teddy Edward Quorn Jacket, the navy Cottesmore Polo Shirt, the blue Rufford Shirt and the rather impish Barlow Mens’s Baker Boy Hat. Onto Milan.

teddy edward me outside a cafe in Milan

The Brand: 

Teddy Edward has been going for just over a year and each line has a high exclusivity and production of less than 200 pieces. Each design is hand drawn by Stephen Reeds (founder) and bespoke for Teddy Edward.

Each handcrafted piece will never be exactly repeated. The brand’s mission is to create key wardrobe pieces that inspire a new generation of outdoor living and loving customers.

close up of jacket in rain

The Shoot: 

Despite shooting in the epicentre of world fashion; Milan, this proved to be a tough shoot. Sadly we brought the British weather with us and it rained incessantly for the entire day.

Still, impelled with a little something called self-fortitude and an umbrella bought from a street vendor for €10, we persevered.

It proved to be a blessing in disguise as the uncharacteristic Italian weather gave the Quorn Jacket and Barlow hat a stern test.

me wearing teddy edward under an umbrella

Unbeknown to me at the time the Quorn Jacket (styled after the iconic British hunting jacket) is composed with a water resistant Teflon coated cotton exterior and an inner satin fabric.

Meaning I got away without being dry and chipper all day, which seriously nettled the missus as she got more and more drenched.

(I did allow her five minutes under the umbrella to dry off before you start thinking I’m completely devoid of chivalry).

me in the museum in milan wearing a teddy edward granddad shirt

The 1920’s style Rufford Grandad collar shirt has taken its inspiration from the original hunting shirt. Its heritage run through each fibre of the 100% high quality cotton,  they all feature contrast stitching detail on the inside of the collar and a bibbed front.

It’s been about 20 years since I rocked a Grandad collar. I often think it makes me look too clerical, the way a mandarin collar does.

However I believe it complimented the Quorn jacket, the Barlow hat, and to complete the look I dug out a trusty pair of raw Bolongoro Trevor jeans for colour-spacing.

We covered 15k that day in the rain and I was thankful for a comfy pair of Norman Walsh Craftsman Projects, available in November.

me in milan standing next to a lambretta

The Verdict: 

I enjoyed sporting these samples from Teddy Edwards. I can certainly attest to the jacket and the hat being waterproof. It had a proper workout against the ubermensch downpour that caught us out..

On the second day it brightened up a little and I got to road test the polo. The Cottesmore polo, crafted from 100% pique cotton, with a quality velvet banded collar and matching side vents, perhaps suited my square frame more.

Did I get away with the white denim? Ahh who cares, you’re in Milan, you’re supposed to stand out.

me in teddy edward polo and white denim

Second Opinion:

If you are ever in doubt what brand to go for when you plan a day of walking (or dancing if you choose to) in the rain – Teddy Edward is definitely THE one!

While my sad looking Burberry coat has been soaking wet and in retrospect required a raincoat on top the Teddy Edward truly lived to its true British pedigree and not only kept its shape, but also repelled with smashing success the immense quantities of rain water that was not supposed to be there according to every single weather app known to mankind.

Even though the polo shirt, arguably, got a much better deal as the day after the rain was a perfect sunshine day, it did a perfectly fine job as well, no wrinkles, no fuss… good travel companion for all sorts of weather circumstances….   – The Missus.

the girlfriend taking pictures and getting wet in the rain



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