Week 3, no booze

I chanced across this photography exhibition in San Gimignano by Henri Cartier-Bresson. He talked about his pictures capturing that decisive moment. When the heart, the body and the mind are all pointing one direction. That moment before the next moment, where you eagerly want to see the next frame. It completely changed my philosophy on photography.

Whilst touring down from Genoa, through to La Spezia, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Siena and tonight Montepulciano, I’ve barely had a chance to get any thoughts down. I’ve been running around desperately trying to capture those decisive moments. For that you have to live in the moment. As hackneyed as that might sound. My mind and body have never been so in simpatico.

With 6am to 11pm days, chasing my gorgeous girl around to all these quaint provinces of Italy, I’m living at city pace across country. This is also wine country. And I haven’t touched a drop. They don’t serve by the glass out here.

I joke with the missus that I’m a new man every day. I’m even a different man to the man she knew 5 hours ago. In every way I’m looking to improve on what I did previous. Starting with how I dress. I’ve worn a shirt to dinner every night. I have my hands behind my back and my shoulders out when walking down the street. I’m also hungry for information. I’m reading the history on buildings, learning about the towns we’re passing through, eager to ingest some nugget of information that my brain will cling to.

I’m taking over 200 pictures a day. I want that moment before and after the staged picture. The one that catches her off guard, that she’ll hate but I’ll love.

I’m loving it out here. Sorry no alcohol fact today, just pictures and runaway thoughts.



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