Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.‘ Phil Connors, Groundhog Day.

The phone is pervasive enough in every day life. Bloomberg revealed in a study last month that 1 in 3 adults check their phone during the night. This I can certainly relate to..


Last Saturday..

3.30am, my one eye questing my twitter feed on my phone. Casey Collins has retweeted my Porsche blog. Next my emails; my IT guy says he is unable to increase the size of my Soundcloud logo. Which takes me to Soundcloud where I see Alan Dunne has liked my podcast on 80’s theme tunes. I finish my shameful benign ritualistic channel flitting by liking a few Instagram pictures and sharing a Facebook post about a man surviving a bear attack.


With the TV, the iPod, the computer, my bedroom has become a bivouac of technological distraction and my lack of discipline and inability to ‘turn off’ has begat terrible sleeping habits. However, I’m now looking to expiate that by investing in perhaps an antiquated piece of bedside technology. An alarm clock. This week I’ve tinkered with the Goodman’s Nod, an alarm clock radio for the modern bedside whose friendly design and smart colours consign boring alarm clocks to the bin. The latest Digital Radio technology is combined with high speed, twin USB charging. (Although handy for charging my tablet and iPod, I have chosen to ex-communicate my phone to the kitchen over night as penance for many an interrupted sleep).


Digital Radio delivers a clearer, more detailed audio experience that offers greater choice and better quality. The Nod offers a gentle rising alarm allowing me to slowly wake without panic or instinctively wanting to hammer it to bits AKA Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. In addition to great sound and crystal clear Digital Radio, Nod has those added extras that make it the perfect bedside buddy.


During the day the Nod also took guardianship whilst I was in the kitchen. I plugged my phone in the 3.5mm line-in connection and listened to my podcasts as I busied myself butchering a lasagna. Previously I’d adopt an anti-social policy of listening via headphones, so this felt liberating. (Although there is a headphone socket also on the Nod should you wish to listen to some guilty pleasures on your playlist).

Overall it has good functionality, it’s sleek and I plumbed for the Coral colour to add a little vibrancy to my bedside table. It’s very reasonably priced and more importantly, can improve your sleeping habits. Incidentally, I appreciate this night not be the place, but if anyone fancies doing me a logo for my Soundcloud profile please get in touch. Thanks.



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