Hey all, as you may have heard on the podcast I’m back from Vienna. I semi thought about proposing on the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel.

I got rebuffed up Piz Gloria last year and thought it could be a decent running theme to have marriage proposals turned down at every Bond location.

But I bottled it. Plus I wasn’t sure I wanted to propose on anything that had the word wiener on it. So first stop.

The Confiserie zum süßen Eck

The place where James and Saunders did their sniper stakeout after leaving the Volksoper over the road.

The owner Michael is an unflinchingly accommodating soul, allowing me to take pictures and answering my questions. I emailed him after and he was even kind enough to answer some follow questions. I thought it best to put those in an interview below.

Please understand that Michael’s first language is not English, but I wanted for you to get the flavour of the man so have left his answers in verbatim.

How many people come to your store and ask about The Living Daylights? Is it a daily thing?

The Living Daylight is in a small shop window corner all the time present and a lot of customers see it and then ask. The frequency of asking about the film depends also the presence in the programs of the public TV-Stations, e.g. if, Living Daylights is on program we have the next 2 weeks a lot of questions.

Were you the owner of the shop during the time the film was being made?

No, the shop was not ours at these time, but we have followed the matter.

You have those pictures of Timothy Dalton in the window, did you take those? Are they the only copies?

My aunt, the pre-owner, has taken those with the agreement of Timothy Dalton. As they are private photos they are the only copies.

The shop was a book store previously correct? How did it get to become a confectionary store?

No it was all the time a Viennese confectionary shop, but the script has asked for a Slovakian book shop, and so the camera people made out of a confectionary shop a book shop in Bratislava.

Were you there when they filmed the scenes and how much of the store was used in the film?

No I was not there myself but my aunt, the pre-owner told me all the details. The scene was a very short one.

JB was entering the, bookshop and then going upstairs on a spiral staircase, and then shooting from the balcony to the theatre. We neither have staircases nor a second floor, so the onliest sequence was when JB entered to the shop.

The balcony above the store where Saunders and Bond had their stakeout, have you been on that balcony?

Yes I have been there, in order to check if the dimensions are right. and they are.

Finally, apart from The Living Daylights what is your favourite James Bond film?

My personal favourite is Die Another Day.

You can visit Michael’s store, order some pure Viennese chocolate. I stocked up on a load for Christmas gifts as they make their own chocolate and it comes with pictures of the Ferris Wheel on the wrapper.

Last stop of the day is the Volksoper

Straight over the road no less. You can go to the window from which Koskov made his escape. I asked if I could go up to the window and I was asked to buy a ticket for a later show.

Which was fine, we watched a nutty musical based on the life of Vivaldi.

The interiors were shot in a different venue  They are the Sofiensaal, (not pictured) also in Vienna. Thank you to Marc Rohlig from Hunting Bond for that information.

The window on the inside is facing a bar, and in the bottom right picture you can see what kind of view Kara would have had.

That’s it for now. Next time round I’ll talk about the Ferris Wheel in Prater Park. I have a James Bond Pinterest Board you can follow that highlights some other locations I’ve been to over the years.



  1. October 24, 2018 / 8:59 pm

    That’s an amazing find! I would visit his sweet shop even if it had nothing to do with Bond, it looks so good!

    • October 25, 2018 / 6:43 pm

      It was actually a very special place. I love the fact Michael makes his own chocolate, truly a passionate man and very proud of his fine establishment. The Bond addendum was a bonus.

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