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Hello all. Here are all the street style images I took during the month of February in and around London. The images have been compressed, I have the large raw files locked away in an external hard drive that is looking rather chubby.

I post all my street photography images on my Nikon Street Style Instagram page. Give that a follow please. I’m not sociable in the slightest on their so don’t be offended if I don’t comment or follow back.


(Above) the missus looking for me in Baker Street. Below is Kish Kash on the blower outside of Jacket Required in Brick Lane. Nice fella, real busy. The bag he is wearing is Bally.

kish kash bally

(Below) really dig this gentleman’s double breasted camel coat, taken in Baker Street. If you like Camel Overcoats then my mate Carl from Hawkins & Shepherd does awesome double breasted cashmere coats similar to these.

camel coat

The lady below wearing an awesome technicolour raincoat. I had to get her picture. Shame I couldn’t see her from the front.

technicolour coat

The gentleman below is wearing Moncler. Pictured in Hammersmith, mid-vape. Not this seasons. I thought he looked pretty cool.


Gentleman below looked quite menacing. I’m sure he knew I was taking his picture. I’m always looking for an excuse to get a London bus in a photo.

london style

Couple goals below. Gentleman probably wearing a check Low-U double breasted waistcoat and matching trousers. Comments in the box please on where to shop for this look.


Gentleman below in a fabulous double breasted overcoat pictured outside the Everyman on Baker Street. Peak lapels, deep Navy on the upper collar. Brown tassel loafers. Ooof.

man in baker street

Now is the Mark Lawrenson? Who knows. I mistakenly called this a corduroy jacket on the instagram, infact it’s just a pin stripe double breasted pocket shirt. I doubt they are, but the aviators look like Tom Ford’s metallic.

purple shirt

No clue on the brand on the gentleman’s coat below. Gucci perhaps? Answers in the comment section please.

gucci fleece

The gentleman below was the best dressed man in Covent Garden. I waited especially for him to step into the light so I could get a picture of him in the sun. A beautiful grey POW suit with pink windowpane overcheck. Chevron tie and pocket square to match his shirt.

covent garden man in suit

The gentleman below clearly enjoying the sun. If you recognise any brands please comment in the box below. If you don’t have much of a budget get some entry level Chelsea Boots similar from Base London.

leather jacket

Couple goals below. Camel bomber coat with sheepskin collar. Recommended brands in the comment bar below please.

bomber sheepskin collar

Finally this gentleman below. Herringbone jacket, neat vintage striped polo. I’m getting mine from Original Penguin right now. This looks close to the Engineered Stripe polo from that range.



Okay thanks for tuning in folks. Click on any image to follow my Nikon Street Style instagram and if you could also subscribe to my YouTube channel that would be awesome. I do travel and fashion blogs, like the one below reviewing Hemingsworth Seersucker Jacket.


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