Oh like the bike.’ Troy, The Goonies

We waited three weeks for rain. Deeply ironic that living in England, where a rain cloud never stands on ceremony, that something of a drought was occurring and hindering my chances to break in the leather Velo-Seat cover from Dry Patch. The seat cover is a functional innovative bit of kit intended for commuters, enabling the fashion conscious cyclist to keep dry, from the bottom up. (Company motto).

Working with Peter has been great. He understood what our brand voice was immediately and created a really great vlog that represented it brilliantly. We are a premium, lifestyle accessory brand that fits along side style brands. Peter’s work put us in that environment in a playful and hands on manner. Chris Gomez – Dry Patch Founder

It was my job to video a short film, demonstrating the seat covers potential. Sadly as I mentioned earlier, the English climate was experiencing a dry patch of its own. (Thanks, that’s why I get the big bucks). With no rain to test the product, I decided to venture out and test the comfort factor. Joining me was my nephew on his first bike ride around the village. We scouted some fluted field dunes and encountered a straggling assembly of horses.


I had grown a considerable beard in the weeks leading up to shooting the short film. Desperate to channel a maverick 70’s Lucas or Spielberg. Sadly the film came out a bit like a Blair Witch film so I’m begrudgingly showing you this, so please manage your expectations. Check out the video here to see the Dry Patch in action


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