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On episode 21 of From Tailors With Love, the James Bond style based podcast, we discuss the Spring/Summer style of James Bond.

My co-host Matt Spaiser, Editor from The Suits of James Bond has picked out 3 pieces of his all time favourites.

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First though a quick round up of all the non-spoiler news.

Brioni Denim Brioni Announce Made to Order Denim

Brioni are turning their hand to leisure wear. This personalised denim service allows Brioni customers the luxury of choosing from 13 different denim fabrics, four different cut’s including two classic denim and two trouser styles.

Incase you were wondering if you can put your initials on the jeans, you can. You narcissist. Available in select stores, both London stores and the New York concessions are on the list.

James Bond Skull CaneSpectre Day of the Dead Skull Cane limited edition Prop Replica (pre-order)

As seen in the Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) opening sequence of Spectre (2015). The unique skull-topped cane is a replica of the one Daniel Craig uses to wrap around the head of some poor helicopter pilot.

Imagine that. You’ve just started your new helicopter Uber service. Your first customer is something of a dick head that’s asked you to pick him up in the middle of the a Day of the Dead festival.

You begrudgingly oblige because you don’t want him to leave you bad feedback. You even help him on to the chopper when out of nowhere, you get bolloxed by Bond wrapping a dead skull caneto your head.

Limited to 500 pieces worldwide, £249.00

Shipping July 2019.

The Crown Costume

M’s Tailor receives and Emmy

Timothy Everest, M’s tailor, have officially received their Emmy (Television Academy) Award for costume work on The Crown Season 2 ‘Dear Mrs. Kennedy’ episode.

They will be providing the costumes for The Crown Season 3 coming to our screens later on this year.

I can’t help that in this picture below John F Kennedy is pointing to some housemaid off shot and saying to the Queen, ‘I was balls deep in that little lady just 20 minutes ago’.

Idris Elba Stabbing Tee

Idris Elba promotes anti-stabbing T-Shirt brand

Idris is producing this t-shirt/sweat/hoodie. I’m not sure where the t-shirts are available from, Idris please pick up the phone yo! and let me know. He never picks up the phone these days.

He’s gone all Hollywood since I told him Soho house he should be the next James Bond. It’s gone to his head.

Please support

James Bond Summer Style Favourite James Bond Spring Summer looks

My picks.

I’ve gone for two Roger Moore outfits. The first from Live and Let Die. The beautiful Sky denim jacket and matching Jean trousers. Matt hates this look but for me this is pure Rog. Pure 70’s.

He’s fresh from banging the crap out of Rosie Carver and now he’s going to lead her to certain death just hours later. This is the outfit to do that in.

I’ve also picked the suit that Daniel Craig wore when he arrived of the plane in Nassau in Casino Royale. If you listen to the DVD commentary Lindy Hemming describes this outfit with such pride.

It doesn’t take long for a couple of sheila’s to notice him. A couple of tennis girls give him the eye but Bond has no time to shag them yet. He has work to do.

Lastly another Rog, this taken from For Your Eyes Only.  Roger is tied to Carole Bouquet as Kristatos is about to take him Keelhauling in Corfu. He looks the nails in this blue v-neck tee and cream linen trousers.

James Bond Summer Style guide

Matt’s picks.

Matt Spaiser has gone for two Seans, and one Rog. The three piece glen-check from Goldfinger. Although I’ve included the wrong picture in the graphic. Sorry.

The deckchair stripe shirt from Thunderball and the Safari jacket from Octopussy.

Libsyn screen shot


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