Open your mind. Open your mind. Open your miiiiiiiiind.” Quato – Total Recall 

Exclusive Single Malt Whisky makers, The Dalmore, delivered a masterclass the other night at the Corner Restaurant in Selfridges for the launch of The Dalmore Quintessence, the first and only single malt whisky in the world with a five red wine cask finish. I got to meet the master distiller, the man behind the moustache, Richard Paterson, regarded as the greatest and most creative whisky maker of his generation. Every ounce of his intimate knowledge of what can be achieved with The Dalmore, coupled with an unparalleled expertise in rare, exclusive and unusual casks have made this release possible.

“The Dalmore has a unique new make spirit and maturation conditions.  This inspires me to push the art of the possible with The Dalmore.  The Dalmore Quintessence has been a long-term project which I am delighted to share with the world.  It is a combination of two of my great passions, The Dalmore distillery and exceptional red wine.” – Paterson.


The tasting was prefaced by a talk from Mindfulness coach, James Millford. He brought the room to an utter standstill as he introduced techniques to help us focus on the taste, how to savour flavours and feelings so we could enjoy The Dalmore Quintessence, all the more. Picture Sting having tantric sex with a whisky glass filled with The Dalmore, and you’re halfway there. This truly is a message in a bottle, and the message is AWESOME. (Why doesn’t Sting endorse whisky? He can make a fortune in royalties with that slogan. A little bit like how Noel Gallagher should endorse Lidl with his song “Lidl Buy Lidl, everything you ever dreamed of.“).


The Dalmore Quintessence Tasting Notes

  • Colour: Rich amber cherry wood with garnet highlights
  • Aroma: Black Forest fruits, marmalade and honeycomb
  • Palate: Tropical fruits, ginger and sun dried raisins
  • Finish: Cassis, orange, fresh baked banana
  • 45% ABV

Selected Wine Casks

  • Zinfandel – barriques provided soft delicate cassis notes
  • Pinot Noir – hints of crushed blackcurrants and black cherries
  • Syrah whispers of cranberries and raspberries
  • Merlot seductive and warming with a robe of Black Forest fruits
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – the king of grapes. Rich and powerful and provided the perfect backbone of cedar wood, Morello cherries and sweet plums.

Available in Selfridges now and whisky retailers from 12th August.  RSP, £1000.


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