Despite popular belief, men aren’t as strong and indestructible as most of them would like to be. Once you reach a certain age, your health starts deteriorating and you’re experiencing more and more problems in all aspects of your life.

In order not to let things go too far, you should act on it and solve your problems one at a time. It’s important to talk about these issues and let everyone know them, which is something the media doesn’t do – they still prefer to portray men as strong individuals with no health issues.

If we want to shift the paradigm, we need to address these topics and talk about them more often. Therefore, here are some of the most serious men’s health issues media ignores, but you shouldn’t.


Despite being strong, brave and powerful, men also feel down from time to time, no matter how much this may sound peculiar to some. Depression is one of the most concerning problems of the modern era and it affects both men and women, regardless of their age.

Men actually react to depression quite differently and some of the things that could cause it are stress level, genetic structure and hormones.

In order to deal with depression, you need to talk to your doctor, get proper treatment and take it easy for a while, but, first of all, understand you’re suffering from it and don’t pretend everything’s all right.

Just because media doesn’t portray depressed men often enough doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there.

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Suicidal tendencies

This is usually the next step for most men that suffer from depression – they become suicidal and start exploring life-ending ideas.

However, if you notice you might be leaning towards suicide as a way to solve your problems, you must confide to someone you can trust and ask your friends and family for help.

Moreover, we all need to step up and talk about suicidal tendencies in men, especially since this is an issue public health system generally ignores. So, if you want to help yourself and other men, raise your voice, tell your story and express your concerns.

Prostate cancer

We don’t mean to scare you, but this could be the problem of every man on the planet and something you should start paying more attention to right away.

Prostate cancer is usually caused by genetics, improper eating regime, faulty medication, obesity and sexually transmitted diseases, but, most importantly, it’s connected to your age – the older you are, the greater the chances. As this disease strikes men over 50 more often than we are aware of, age is definitely one of the primary risk factors for prostate cancer.

Again, just because media considers this an uncomfortable topic doesn’t mean we don’t need to talk about it, so you too should schedule an appointment with your doctor and make sure everything’s all right.

Luckily, there are lots of new technologies available, so you might want to explore the highly effective robotic prostate surgery as one of the ways you can solve your problem.

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Erectile dysfunction

Again, in the age of strong men who can do anything, erectile dysfunction isn’t something we’re comfortable talking about – guys of the 21st century don’t suffer from this issue, right? Well, as the studies show, an increasing number of men are affected by this problem, including younger men as well.

Erectile dysfunction has been a taboo topic in our society for quite some time now and, even though we advertise effective solutions all the time, the media still doesn’t talk about it as much as it should.

This problem can cause a number of further issues that can seriously endanger your health and affect your coronary and cardiovascular system in the long run, so we need to shine a light on it as soon as possible.

Other concerns

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only health issues media ignores and some of the other problems you should take care of starting today include stress, testicular cancer, sleep apnea, bleeding gums and baldness.

These are all the things modern men ignore because they are, as the studies show, too tough to face their problems, and this behaviour needs to change right now!

Article by Peter Minkoff, follow Peter on Twitter @MinkoffPeter




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