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Today I’m going to share with you some items from my SS19 Essentials that made it to Miami with me.

Pete are you still banging on about Miami? You bet your sweet ass I am. Look, as the missus puts it, I spent 37 years in captivity.

I finally got to see a world beyond East Anglia and I would like to dine out on a story or two if that’s alreeeeet.

The Oris 65 Divers Watch

Oris watch 65

For transparency I was gifted an Oris 65 Divers watch many years ago at Baselworld. I have since interviewed the CEO Rolf Studer for the Menswear Style podcast which was a paid collaboration.

I’ve uploaded a couple of scrapbook images of my Oris 65 Divers watch you can take a look here.

I was also kindly gifted the Hemingsworth shorts and loaned the jacket, both made from Seersucker. Fitted immensely well, though the jacket was slightly oversized for my frame.

ss19 essentials

I discuss that in a recent YouTube video you can catch that below.

King & Tuckfield

The long sleeve tee should be part of any mans SS19 essentials. This is a fine merino cotton King & Tuckfield garment. I bought it from TX-Maxx.

When I emailed Stacey Wood the founder she had no idea that they had commissions in TK-Maxx. Someone is in the sh*t because of me. And I kinda like that.

I adore this long sleeve tee. The fabric quality is beyond-awesomeness.

I have also interviewed Stacey Wood on the Menswear Style podcast and if you care to check that out I’ve uploaded the interview to YouTube. Video below. 

Original Penguin polos

I now have 3 Original Penguin Polos, one gingham polo you would have seen on my Instagram when I went to Oman. See below, fits me like a charm.

Mens polo

Being paid to say nice things about Original Penguin?

Nope. Just like the brand. I’m not a huge fan of mens polos neither. They’re just too mainstream and often, boring. But these are just right for my frame.

That frame by the way is in the best nick its been for a long time. 100 press ups a day since the new year I’ll have you know. Thanks, please be seated.

Miami style

The key to ss19 Essentials

One is a breton stripe, the other just a plain mid-blue. Both in a size small. I’m 5-7 with heels. 14.5″ collar size.

Below is a picture of me in Hemingway House in Key West. You can find me talk about that also on my YouTube channel.

Can you guess I’m plugging my YouTube channel?

ss19 mens polos navy socks and sandals

Paid to say nice things about Base London?

As a matter of fact I am. But that’s a different bag. I actually just write blogs for Base London, they send me some shoes now and again for lifestyle shoots.

Not sure what they’d think of my socks and loafers look. The missus encouraged this. To be fair my feet were killing me as I hadn’t brought any ankle socks. ALWAYS bring ankle socks.

loafers mens seersucker

Why don’t you shave your legs?

F*ck off, I’m British, I don’t shave my legs. Lastly some Navy slip ons from Base London. Very accessible price point I must say.

navy loafers


That’s right, I’ve got five kids to feed. Alright I’ve only got cats, but they only eat the expensive stuff. I do also have server fees to consider.

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ss19 essentials


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