Ostriches caught on camera

All the fun at the farm

The most fun to be had in life is having your back to a bunch of ravenous Ostriches whilst holding a bucket of Ostrich feed in front of you.

On our first day outside of Cape Town we visited Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of South Africa.

Today I’m sharing some fun facts about Ostriches and some photos, unedited taken on the Nikon D3500 with a 70-300 lens and an 18-135 lens. They have been compressed for upload speed.

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The mating season is August to March. The size of an Ostriches brain is 40g. If you’d like some context then the eye of an Ostrich weighs 60g. So we can assume that Ostriches are by and large, dumb asses.

Ostriches are the only birds with two toes. One used for balancing. They are basically walking like ballerinas on their toes and can kick forwards so look out. They can’t fly, hence that awesome Samsung advert.

And their leather?

Their leather, natural skin, is a horrible grey colour. So all ostrich leather is actually dyed for products such as shoes, wallets etc.

Ostrich leather grey skin

Ostrich natural skin colour

No more cruelty

They used to have ostrich riding at the farm but that has since been deemed as cruel so no longer allowed here.

It stressed the Ostriches out and they would pick at their own feathers. In doing so they would draw blood. Other Ostriches would see blood and attack that Ostrich and kill it.

Ostrich farm feeding

90% terrified, 10% petrified

Unlikely events

If you so happen to be in a situation where you need to ride an Ostrich (maybe you need to outrun a Lion) then be careful, they can run up to 80km an hour.

In this eventuality put your wings over your legs and hands on their shoulders and direct it by pointing it’s head.

If you’re planning a trip to South Africa and would be interested in this day out please check out African Budget Safari’s. Ask for Paul to be your guide he was amazing.

Me taking pictures on a Nikon

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