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Hey everyone, I’m trying to pace these out as I don’t want to bombard the homepage. I have a whole bunch of refusals to get through which I am morbidly chronicling. Firstly I thought I’d bring you up to speed on my CV.

The story so far..

Age: 38

  • Freelance writer 
  • Grammar School Cambridge 
  • Diploma in Arts 
  • OU student 
  • Grade 8 Piano 

I’m actively looking for work.


Before I go on I want everyone to realise I hold no ill feeling to those who turn me down, refuse my application etc. I’m not everyones cup of camomile and I don’t have time to look back. I will try and figure out what I did wrong, internalise a little, learn a little, and move on.



Few weeks back my girlfriend tells me her beauty therapist is looking for someone to do promo videos for her salon, handle her social media, take some photos, etc. I decided to do a case study and film my Sister in her salon doing treatments.

That video you can catch at the bottom.


It took a couple of hours to film, the rest of the day to edit.

I told the lady in the salon give my girlfriend a £500 tab on treatments and she’ll get a video, high res imagery and exposure on my site. We worked out that £500 to her in treatments will probably cost her £200 in real money.

Her reply was below.

Hello Peter,
Had a long think about your proposal,I won’t be taking you up on your offer.
Kind regards 


I thanked her for letting me know and moved on with my day.

Would you have hired me for your business? Do you think that was a fair price? Do you think the video is any good? Be interested to hear your comments.
I am available for photography and video work, as well as freelance writing. Email me at [email protected]
Check out my sisters salon if your in Cambridgeshire. All images here I took at her salon.



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