My name is Pussy Galore,‘ … Bond smiles to himself…  ‘I must be dreaming’. – Pussy Galore & Bond, Goldfinger.

For the uninitiated, the Savoy’s Beaufort Bar is a darkened room – ornamented, and not by accident, with classical gold tints of trimmings that festoon the ceiling architraves. These mirror the gold studded chairs and the undulating wave motif on the carpet. The gold lamp lights shone modestly from the inverted arms of the Murano glass chandelier over a conclave of impeccably dressed Russian diplomats and business men.


I’ve covered nearly 100 miles on my pilgrimage to The Savoy, but that’s small beer compared to the journey of the serve I’m here to sample has undertaken. The highly anticipated Age of Discovery, a specially created, barrel aged cocktail, is now available as an exclusive serve or by the bottle at The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar. Having travelled the globe on board Cunard’s flagship Queen Mary 2, the cocktail has now returned to The Savoy, a Fairmont Managed Hotel, where it was mixed, sealed and bonded for its world voyage many months ago. The drink, priced at £40, is served in a custom–made glass with a magnified base, atop a map board which shows the journey and temperatures the barrel went thought during its 41, 000 nautical mile journey around the world.


Much like Goldfinger would present the blueprints to his evil, yet scientifically genius plan to a litany of heads of various drug cartels, mobs and guns for hire. Incidentally did you know in Fleming’s book Goldfinger, Bond managed to foil Goldfinger from robbing Fort Knox by leaving a distress note for Felix Leiter. In the celluloid Goldfinger, Bond fucks Pussy Galore, even though she’s ‘immune’ (Fleming wrote her as a lesbian) she switches sides and aides Bond from allowing Goldfinger to radiate the Gold. Bond, the ultimate cocksmith!


The Age of Discovery cocktail itself matured in a hand chosen, 300 litre Jack Daniel’s barrel on board Queen Mary 2 during her 41, 000 nautical mile, four-month world voyage from January – May 2016. Formulated by the team at the world-famous Savoy’s Beaufort Bar, the Jack Daniel’s cocktail is inspired and influenced by the tastes and aromas of the continents Queen Mary 2 visited; from Europe to Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. During her four-month circumnavigation, Queen Mary 2 visited 39 ports of call in 27 countries, during which time the barrel was secured in open deck space to expose it to the varied elements and climates that have influenced the fascinating final result. Prevailing temperatures, humidity and sunlight – as well as more inclement conditions – have combined to produce this truly unique barrel-aged cocktail.

10022016_AODbarrel_Ushuaia_016 (1)

Age of Discovery is a truly unique collaboration from three of the world’s most highly acclaimed brands: Cunard, The Savoy and Jack Daniel’s. Renowned for their traditions of service and excellence, these three brands have come together to create a world-class, world-travelled and globally one-of-a-kind cocktail. The cocktail will be exclusively available to purchase at The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar, and on board Queen Mary 2. Also available to take home in a bottle, the Age of Discovery blend has become the latest limited edition bottle (priced at £350) in The Savoy Collection – one of the world’s most prestigious and unique collections of one-of-a–kind spirits and liquids.




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