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Introducing a new way of learning the piano

SKOOVE is a piano playing app designed to help you play the piano or improve your piano playing. I was kindly invited by the good people at SKOOVE to review their APP which I downloaded from the APP store onto my MacBook Pro.

Is the APP easy to Download?

Actually yes. That’s one of the best things about the site is how intuitive it is. I tried it on my phone which worked well. However, I recommend getting a large viewing area to see the hands over the keys.

sheet music on SKOOV

I’m a complete novice, is this Piano APP for me?

For the record I am a Grade 8 piano player (please be seated) although haven’t played the piano now for over a year as I’ve just not found a place for it in my life anymore. (More on that later).

I would say having spent the best part of the day trawling through the various levels and courses, this APP is an amazing tool for anyone looking to take up the piano.

How will this APP help me play the piano?

For a starter it has a lot of songs from many different genres. Imagine how chuffed I was to find the first song for me to have a go at learning was the James Bond theme. (Extremely eerie. Is that targeted ads or a Google algorithm coming into play?).

From having not played the piano in a year I found some rekindled love playing a theme I used to know backwards, albeit in the wrong key and simplified.

PLaying the piano with SKOOV

You can play with a backing track

One of the very useful tools I discovered as you’re learning and progressing through the course was being able to play with a band or backing track. It made the process of learning incredibly enjoyable. I felt like I was back onstage for a brief moment at Wembley Arena. (Or the Dog and Bone in Huntingdon, same same).

Will it teach me to read music?

To a degree yes. You will play along with the sheet music and the notes will follow the sheet music as well as a birds eye view of hands above the piano. This will help you with your fingering.

There are also course for scales and I recommend if you’re starting out, to learn these. You’ll probably want to skip right by them and learn how to play all The Beatles songs, but it’s very important to have the theory aspect under your belt. It will make you a more versatile piano player and boost your chances significantly for becoming a teacher or session musician later down the road.

Skoov learn the piano

Improvements I would make

It’s a very comprehensive APP. It has minimal fuss and a great library. It’s inspired me to start playing again which is a great testament. If you’re already an accomplished piano player like myself or a beginner, you’ll certainly get utility from an APP like this.

My only minor quibble would be they could extend the use of the metronome when practicing the sheet music. The SKOOVE APP gives you a count in, then the click-count disappears.

Unless it’s a feature I have missed. It’s terribly important to practice with a metronome, which you can do later at the end of the exercises with the band. However, I would have preferred the option to practice with a click on my own also.

COVID-19 Update

Skoove have just published a new announcement about all the content they freed up (meaning the lessons you can learn for free) specifically for this troubling time. Click on the link here to find out more.

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