Hugh Edmeades auctions the DB10

London – On the evening of Thursday 18 February, to celebrate the Home Entertainment release of Spectre on Blu-ray™ and DVD on 22 February, Christie’s and EON Productions presented a live charity auction of ten star lots of Spectre memorabilia.

If I was an eccentric billionaire that wasn’t haemorrhaging cash on some 19 year Victoria Secrets model, I would have sent my butler down with a blank cheque book and told him to do a supermarket sweep of the joint.

The auction offered Bond fans and collectors the unique opportunity to acquire a piece of Spectre memorabilia direct from the archives of EON Productions, with additional donations from Bond cast members, Director Sam Mendes and Bond Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

The proceeds will benefit Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), other charitable organisations and the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS). Christie’s will be donating all profitable proceeds to the charities.

Lot 10_c Live

The Aston Martin DB10 had an estimated price of: £1,000,000-1,500,000 but was realised at: £2,434,500. I hope the buyer also realised the damn thing isn’t even road legal.

The DB10, was one of only 10 built specifically for James Bond and is to date the only DB10 to be released for public sale by Aston Martin and EON Productions.

Most of the DB10s were modified for use in the filming of Spectre, but two of those produced were kept back as ‘show cars’, for display purposes only, this being one of them. 

Other items that did rather well was ol’ Danny boys Day of the Dead costume. That was estimated to come in between: £12,000–18,000 and was realised at: £98,500.

You would never chance wearing that at a Halloween party would you? Either some dude you half know is going to give you a hug and get his fake blood over it, his drunk girlfriend would say ‘So who have you come as?’

Mind you I’d be so rich I’d just bring my own entourage. You wouldn’t get near me. I’d go through that party like Tyson making his way to the ring in Madison Square Garden, in a circle of man-mountains.

Lot 2_a_Live

Oberhauser’s Spectre gold ring worn by Christoph Waltz also did rather well. The 9 carat yellow gold, with 7 tentacle octopus logo rendered in distressed black was estimated at: £4,000–6,000 and realised at: £32,500.

That doesn’t seem like such a bad price to me. I’m not a jewellery guy but if my ol’ lady got me that for me as a surprise birthday gift my first question would be ‘how much whoring did you have to do to raise the cash?’ She would probably reply with, ‘oh I just sold your Halloween costume’.

It was one of only two gold rings made for the film, the other is retained by EON. Spectre is a fictional global terrorist organization featured in the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming.

However the Spectre octopus insignia ring is unique to EON’s film series and first appeared in From Russia With Love, 1963.


The online-only auction, James Bond Spectre: Online, remains open for bidding until 23 February at offering a further 14 lots.

Estimates range from £1,000 up to £7,000, presenting James Bond fans with a rare chance to acquire special items from the 24th film in the James Bond series.



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