Stray cats of Oman

Good morning all. I thought you might like to see the complete catalogue of stray cat pictures I took in Oman. If you’d like to follow these kind of pictures I post them on my personal instagram page.

My personal photos are more off-shoots from the trip. Currently I’m posting pictures of stray camels. How about that?

Cats on Instagram

If you like cats then please follow my girlfriends Blue Russian cats on Instagram. They are fast encroaching 1k followers. I know, it’s a nutty world.

What camera am I using?

All photos were taken on my trusty Nikon 3400 and with some correction in Lightroom. If you would like to use any please credit my site, and please drop a comment in the box below so I can see where it’s being used. I will send you the full res version if you need, these are compressed.

Who did you book through?

I organised this trip through Explore Muscat. I’d recommend them and the tour guide Muhammed. If you need any help planning your trip to Oman, or advice on hotels or things to do, please drop me a comment in the box below.

Lastly, please subscribe

I’m also documenting my trip in Oman on my YouTube page. I’ll leave a video at the bottom. Please subscribe that would be ace.¬†Thanks for stopping by people of the internet. Now, enough time wasted, back to work. Chop chop.


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