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When Carl Weathers flipped over an on coming taxi in Action Jackson, Hollywood must have thought that the car flip stunt was done and done for our lifetime. But World-renowned stuntman, Damien Walters, had over ideas. London, UK (April 18 2016) – Ahead of Saturday’s Visa Paris ePrix, the FIA Formula E Championship has today revealed a stunning new film that shows free-runner and gymnast, Damien Walters, becoming the first person to ever carry out a blind car-dodge, as he stands with his back to an approaching Formula E car and then backflips over it at the very last second. 

Damien Walters - Stuntman

Walters – no hard hat, no high vis.

 “I’ve done loads of dangerous stunts in my career, but I’ve got to admit that I’ve never been as nervous as I was for this one. I’m thrilled with how it worked out though, and it’s a credit to Formula E that they gave us the opportunity to do something so dramatic!” Damien Walters.

Walters, who has worked as a stunt double for the likes of Daniel Craig (Skyfall) and experienced stunt driver Alistair Whitton (The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, and Jason Bourne) carried out the stunt in Mexico City last month. Rumours that Carl Weathers was on hand to offer advice to the team of 60, including highly-trained stunt experts and safety professionals, were left unfounded. 

The team spent two days planning and rehearsing on the empty track, calculating exactly when Damien needed to jump. The team identified 6.6 seconds as the crucial point at which Damien would need to jump. Jump too early and he would hit the back of the car with his head, jump too late and it would hit his legs. 

It’s quite refreshing to see things like this in age where society is so brow-beaten by health & safety regulations. I had to wear a high vis and hard hat just to get from the canteen to the crapper when I worked on a construction site. Damien Walters has clearly had enough of these Health & Safety officers meddling in our affairs. In fact he wore all-black for this stunt, in your face high visibility.

Training - Damien + Alistair + Bruno

Formula E is a ground-breaking FIA championship and the world’s first fully-electric racing series. It represents a vision for the future of the motor industry, serving as a framework for research and development around the electric vehicle, accelerating general interest in these cars and promoting sustainability. The cars of the future are here, and they look nothing like those bulky pieces of poo from Van Damme’s Time Cop.


Timecop got it quite wrong really

Formula E arrives in Paris for Saturday’s ePrix, with Lucas di Grassi (101 points) and Sebastien Buemi (100 points) neck and neck at the top of the standings. Britain’s Sam Bird is in third place on 71 points. The season concludes in London with a double-header in Battersea Park on July 2 & 3. To check out the stunt see the video below. 

For more information on Formula E visit www.fiaformulae.com



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