I’d like to walk you through my 3-piece Burton Race Day suit that I was kindly gifted sometime ago. It’s composed from 82% polyester and 18% viscose. It’s more of a caroline blue than a sky blue, which does lend itself to occasion wear like race days, possibly morning dress and if you fancy, a cheap wedding. I made the mistake of wearing this to a job interview, definitely not the appropriate shade for that.


Wrong pairing of shoes here. Some light tanned brogues would have been the order of the day.

Typically you might sweat a little more in a polyester blend suit than you would in a breathable wool suit. This is a lightweight fabric, which doesn’t hang well even though I had the trousers tailored. It’s says tailored fit on the label which is a curious thing to promote, for an off the peg suit such as this.


You might want to know what the term ‘viscose’ means. Well it’s errr, actually I just googled it myself and someone else has done some solid research. Find a more in depth analysis here. It’s basically a semi-synthetic material, with a similar structure to cotton. Although be careful, it’s most certainly not cotton and the cotton purists will have your nuts for dice if they find you saying, ‘oh yeah, it’s basically cotton’.


Again, like the Oscar Milo suit I featured in my last article, I have too many flap pockets on the jacket, which breaks the lines of the suit and makes me look short. The notch button on the lapel is superfluous and nothing cheapens a suit more than crummy buttons. Same goes for the darker faux-wood coloured buttons on the soldier cuffs, which are fake.



When you search and hope your chest pocket folds out into a pocket square, and doesn’t



No strength on the lapels




I’m not going to grumble too much. Burton suits aren’t getting dispatched for Savile Row prices and their entry level pricing is very reasonable. There are some nice touches on the inside like the polka lip lining on the jetted pocket. Other than the shoe pairing, which was a howler on my part (I should note that I was also gifted a pair of tan brogues from Burton which complements the look much better) the lemonade-pink cotton shirt and purple tie pair well. This is a suit for someone not into racing, and not really into suits, but has somehow been dragooned into partaking in both. You can purchase this suit here.




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