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Since Sean Connery rocked up in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in his brown and cream herringbone 3-piece tweed suit, tweed has enjoyed a seemingly endless rennaissance. And who else could be more suited to be the poster-child for tweed than one of the most famous Scotsman in the world. After fastiduously researching tweed on Wiki for five minutes I have discovered that Tweed was infact called Tweel back in the day. A hapless London Merchant mis-interprated the handwriting in a letter from a tweel company. He assumed they meant Tweed, after the Scottish river Tweed that runs through.. somewhere in Scotland. Ok I spent two minutes on Wiki not five, what do you want from me?

Indiana-Jones-and-The-Last-Crusade-Connery-SuitAnyway, if you fancy getting your Tweed on then The Tweed Run, world renowned for being the most sartorially impeccable event ever to take place on two wheels, is returning to the streets of London on 14th May 2016, for its 8th annual event. This year’s scenic 12-mile route will begin in Clerkenwell with breaks at some of the city’s finest landmarks and hidden gems. Participants can expect a leisurely day cycling with intermittent breaks for a spot of tea and a bite to eat, finishing up with some bubbly to celebrate. (Sounds like a right ol Jolly Boys outing doesn’t it?) The only prerequisite is that Ladies and Gentlemen wear their best tweed 1920s and 30s cycling attire and not be on any performance enhancing drugs. This includes Erythropoietin (EPO), testosterone, cortisone and human growth hormones. 

Tweed Run - 2014 - Matt Shaw - Press-5170621-1Tickets to the Tweed Run are £25, which includes a £5 donation to The London Cycling Campaign. Participants can choose to start their morning at the Tweed Run Brunch, hosted at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, for an extra £25. Guests can also reserve a carefully put together Gourmet Hamper for the Picnic Break. Each hamper serves two, costs £30 and contains some British picnic classics such as scotch eggs, smoked salmon and a cheese platter.

Tweed Run - 2014 - Matt Shaw - Press-5170614



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