The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Christmas Gift Set created by Aspr

Who is your floor?” – Bond, Diamonds are Forever.

Oh Petey booze-shoes has been tearing it up all over town recently. Drinking responsibly of course, as responsibly as a god-damn animal drinks. (By the way I can’t wait ’til that slogan dies a death. That phrase was invented for one reason only, so David Beckham could sell Haig Whisky. Not that I have anything against David Beckham but listen, this guy endorsed fish fingers. When you endorse fish fingers, and you’ve stuck your mug on every other brand on the market, sometimes the only thing left to flog is the last legal drug. I digress… Sorry David, sorry Haig whisky).

I spent half the night hob-nobbing with Annie, forgetting peoples names and asking a retired marine if I could write his book. I did note that the Asprey building had one of those beautifully gated mesh stairwells, a bit like the one Bond had a scrap in on the way to Tiffany Case’s apartment in Diamonds are Forever. (Please see picture below). I also had a bottle engraved for Annie. Although I’ll probably drink that myself next time I’m round hers.


Leading luxury blended Scotch, Johnnie Walker Blue Label has commissioned luxury British brand, Asprey to create a limited edition decanter gift set, the perfect gift for this Christmas. Each gift set features a stunning, hand-blown whisky decanter accompanied by two crystal tumblers and a 70cl bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label has been hand engraved with a festive message by Phillip Lawson Johnston, who holds the Royal Warrant as the Queen’s Official Hand Engraver of Glass. Each individual item is hand-made in Asprey’s London based workshop on New Bond Street and will be available to buy from October 2016 across select luxury retailers including Selfridges, Harrods and The Whisky Shop.

IMG_2543 2

The lead-free crystal 70cl decanter’s hallmarked silver topper is hand-crafted into the shape of the infamous Johnnie Walker ‘Striding Man’ and a specially designed hot air balloon pendant engraved with ‘since 1820’ hangs around the neck of the bottle, marking the rich heritage of the brand. Each item of glassware features a custom- made, hand etched emblem signifying the craftsmanship and heritage behind both brands.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Christmas Gift Set

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Asprey gift set is presented in a beautiful dual- branded bespoke gift box, retailing at £2,750. The gift set will be available to buy from Harrods, Selfridges, Whisky Shop, Hedonism, Whisky Exchange and Royal Mile Whisky Shop.


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