Today I’m going to share a few photos from my visit of the Van Gogh Experience at Southbank. Sorry I don’t have time to write a detailed analysis, but I can tell you that this was an amazing experience and you should definitely go before it ends in May 2020.

One of the most fascinating revelations to me was learning about Reliefography, a new technology which allows to create (almost) perfect 3D art replicas.

Learn more about that on the Creative Heritage website here.

There were no original paintings in this gallery. But what a great way to bring art to the masses without the need of transporting art from museums or embarking on long distance travel.

All tickets and pricing and more information can be found through the Southbank website here.

Below is some information I’ve pulled from the Southbank website. I may get red-flagged by Google for duplicate content but I thought it would be handy information for you to know. I’m not endorsed by Southbank or the exhibition.

  • The Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience is the largest official van Gogh exhibition outside Amsterdam
  • The exhibition has travelled the globe, visiting China, Seoul and Spain before its limited stay here in South Bank
  • Van Gogh has a local connection to South Bank, he lived in Stockwell, London between 1873 and 1874
  • Van Gogh painted around 900 paintings and 1100 sketches in his lifetime, even though he died at the age of just 37
  • Many of these paintings come to life in the exhibition as they have been digitally recreated
  • You can meet Vincent and listen to him as he speaks directly to you and learn about his hope, his despair, his inspiration and his friendships in a magical and emotional journey through his life. The Experience will speak to all of your senses

My Mum in the immersive Bedroom scene. She’s a fabulous artist in her own right and you should click to follow her on Instagram

All images taken from iPhone and compressed for download speed. I will be uploading more to my Pinterest page shortly.