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This week we caught up with watch aficionado Dan (don’t know his surname) from Chronondo. He’s a gentleman I’ve been following on Instagram and when I reached out to him for an E-Interview he kindly obliged.

How long has the blog Chronondo been going?

Chronondo is established in 2015, celebrates its 3rd birthday on August 17th. I chose this date as the founding day as it is easier for me to remember, August 17th is the independence day of Indonesia, my country of origin.

And since 1 year I own a marketplace for watches. On my marketplace you can insert your watches (or jewellers) worldwide and free of charge.

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How many watches do you have in your drawer right now?

30 watches, Swiss timepieces: Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Bucherer, Chopard
German brands: Nomos, Glashütte Original, Junghans, MeisterSinger, Elysee, Constantin Weisz, Weitzmann, Wempe. Some brands I own 2 up to 6 watches.


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What watch brand is over rated?

Generally Rolex, since it is a mass production brand. Rolex is overrated, because of its name. It is not an understatement watch. it is about showing off what you have reached in your life though.

But the fact is, Rolex is the only brand which has a solid price compare to other luxurious brands. So it is like hating and liking Rolex at the same time.

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What should every man know before going out and buying a watch?

It depends. I would never buy a brand new watch as it loses 45% of worth when you want to sell it again – even 2 or 4 months later.

Except if you are rich then it’s up to you. Nowadays it is recommendable buying pre-owned watches. Before buying watches, there are some points need to be noted:

1 – Do I want to buy this watch because of the brand, so that people know this brand (show off)? or is it your dream watch?

2 – If you buy watches for the investment (selling those after some period of time), then you should purchase the TOP 10 brands : Patek Philippe, Rolex, Lange & Söhne, Panerai (only limited editions e.g. Bronze), Omega (special editions e.g. James Bond), Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Glashütte Original, IWC and Brequet.

Chronondo watch blogger

A watch you’d love to own?

A Lange & Söhne, the most prestigious brand from Germany.

Your favourite fashion piece in your wardrobe right now?

My daily wristwatch is Reverso GMT Grande Automatique from Jaeger LeCoultre which I’ve owned for the last ten years.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

GQ, classic movies such as Casablanca, La Dolce Vita and The Godfather. James Bond movies inspire me too.

How does James Bond inspire you? 

James Bond inspires me how his elegant and dapper outfits amaze not only his female fans, but also his male fans. His taste of fashion, which is very British, is timeless.

The way he combines his outfits differently  – depend on the occasions (party, business, daily casual, beach) – is simply amazing.

The brand Omega, which is the official Bond’s wristwatch over the years, become more popular since its sponsorship in the Bond’s movies. To be honest, I want Omega Seamaster really bad…..guess next year I will get one. Who does not want to dress like James Bond? And who does not want to wear the same watch as him?

Your favourite city and why?

Venice with its typically Italian fashion touch, romantic spots, great food and “La Dolce Vita” feeling.

Other blogs you read and why?, because of its unique and catchy styles, I met Blake Scott in person last year in Berlin for the premiere of Charlize Theron’s movie Atomic Blonde. He definitely knows how to dress dapperly and we have the same passion: WATCHES!

Chronondo watch blogger

Check out Dan’s Chronondo website here for more information and click on any of the links to follow him on Instagram.

You can check out more blogs on watches including watch reviews and how to take pictures of watches. Be sure to follow my Watch Reviews on Pinterest.

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