Love me some postcards. I always attempt to send one to Mum when I’m on my travels. Typically I’d leave them with the concierge at the hotel. If my Mum gets the postcard, they get a good review on trip advisor.

The postcard exhibition can be found in the British Museum in room 90. With over 300 different postcards.

I’ve just taken a few snaps of the ones that caught my eye. It’s got me thinking that I would love to make my own postcards whilst on holiday and send them back home. How cool would that be, find a shop that would print off one photo rather than a minimum order of 100.

I mentioned this idea to the missus and she told me to add it to the insurmountable list of ideas that continue to generate zero money.

By the way a sneaky trick for the British Museum, enter via Russell Street. There is never a queue.

So in other news I’m taking a short hiatus from the Human Research instagram account. I’m just distinctly bored of posting pictures of myself.

Much more interesting for me to post reflective nonsense in mosaic mirrors whilst out furniture shopping.

Of course I still need validation so please give that a follow. If you’d like to keep updated on blog posts then make sure you’re following my Facebook account.

Lastly my Pinterest has mysteriously exploded into life so please keep an eye on that. I’ve been uploading posts, treating it more as a back up for my images. It’s somehow got over 40k monthly views. Which is nice.

I’m still talking!

Soon I’ll be taking social rest on Sundays. Leave the phone at home on Sundays or just answer it to family and friends. The missus is starting to complain I’m always on the blower. I guess I am.

I tell her it’s part of my job description but we all know that is bulls*t. I’m just addicted.


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