Today a very crude and rough addition to the blog, some photos of the Wynwood Walls. Day one it hammered down relentlessly so I didn’t bother getting the Nikon out.

Instead just some quick snaps from my iPhone before racing back under the umbrella or inside. I’ll just recite some of the literature found on the entrance gate.

Quick history of Wynwood

In the early 2000’s Wynwood was much like any other industrial urban neighbourhood that had fallen on hard times.

It had its share of failed manufacturing businesses, abandoned warehouses and crime. Pedestrian activity was non-existent.

Enter Tony Goldman, founder of Goldman Properties. (In the movie in my mind he is played by Tom Hanks). He brought together the 6 different warehouses, the exterior walls served as giant canvasses for art.

Since its completion in 2009 Wynwood Walls has helped ignite one of the largest art movements in history, becoming a platform for over 100 artists from 20 other countries.

It spans over over 85,000 square feet of walls.

Other things worth seeing is the Ethereal Vhils Solo Exhibition.

Alexandre Farto (the 6 year old me would never stop laughing had he heard that name) aka Vhils, specialises in what’s known as Creative Destruction.

It’s a shame it tonked it down otherwise we would have spent more time here. The Fashion Museum is no longer there, don’t believe what Google tells you.

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Hey all, trying to get more subscribers to my YouTube. Be a doll and subscribe. Here’s a quick example, a short vid inside the Hemingway Home and Museum in Florida Keys.

Staying in Miami?

We stayed in the art deco district at the Waldorf Towers Hotel. A stones throw from the Versace mansion. That was £322 for two nights at the start of February.

We would certainly go back there, the art deco buildings are beautiful and I posted about those in a previous blog which you can find here.


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