‘Everybody be cool, you be cool.’ Seth, Dusk Til Dawn

Narrowly missing out on this weeks coolest stuff was Daniel Sturridge’s back heel in Liverpool’s 4-1 win over Leicester, an idea I had for an article entitled ‘Models that should have had a breast reduction, but didn’t’ and the fact that I completed two classes of Barry’s Bootcamp and didn’t die. Check out this week’s coolest stuff below.



White Lyan is hosting a not so secret gig on Friday 30th September, complete with live music and Jack Daniel’s cocktails. The first seven customers through the door who hashtag #JackFriday will receive a complimentary cocktail to kick start their Friday. Renowned mixologist Ryan Cheti of White Lyan (Hoxton) has created a limited edition Jack Daniel’s cocktail: Tennessee Nitro Martini – a spin on the classic Espresso Martini, available throughout September. The original Tennessee Whiskey is combined with Mr Lyan Cola Syrup and Sandows Cold Brew Coffee and poured from a tap using nitrogen gas, which give the one of a kind cocktail a soft effervescent texture and rich creamy head.



Highfield Studios have introduced a new monthly playlist on Soundcloud for you to feast your ears on. If you’re tired of your own running tunes or just need introducing to an eclectic mix of largely electronica vibes, then this is the ultimate stopgap. I’m sure the curator of Highfield Studios Ell Richardson compiled this list to ward off noisome twats like me constantly bugging him for the inside track on current break-through artists.



BIG Chief Studios Ltd announced the other day that it is to produce a range of high-end collectables based on the classic James Bond film series. Working in collaboration with EON Productions, the first wave of figures will feature characters from the 1964 classic Goldfinger including: agent 007 James Bond (Sean Connery) in his iconic grey three-piece suit; treacherous villain Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) and formidable henchman Oddjob (Harold Sakata). You all know what to get me for Christmas now folks.



I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Zug recently. Admittedly I’ve spent almost all of it in Hotel Löwen am See, feasting on the free mini Toblerones on the front desk whilst the girlfriend toils away earning a crust in the office opposite. The lake, like almost every lake in Switzerland, has an implacable cleanliness. It’s pricey, I’d like to say you get value for money, but that would be bullsh*t. However it’s as relaxing place as you’d likely to find. If you’d like to come find yourself, or just blow a tidy sum on Swiss wine, then Zug will certainly accommodate you.



The trailer for the new Steven Seagal film, End of a Gun, is now up on YouTube and will be in select cinemas and available to download on iTunes on September 23rd. No oscar talk is surrounding this film, however this looks like perfect hangover fodder for a Sunday afternoon. Possibly.


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