Bond 25 press launch

For episode 23 of the From Tailors With Love podcast Matt Spaiser and I spoke about the Thom Sweeney suit that Daniel Craig wore to the BOND25 press conference in Goldeneye.

I won’t bother describing the suit as Matt has done that already on his blog.

I did reach out to the brand Thom Sweeney who were kind enough to point out that the Hopsack Navy Suit is a ready to wear suit and not bespoke. Matt was not a fan of Daniel pairing that suit with some Fear of God X Converse high top sneakers. But you know Matt.

Thom Sweeney Instagram

Here is that interview with Thom Whiddett of Thom Sweeney.

Your general take on the James Bond movies. Do you have a favourite? Whose style did you prefer the most?

They’re iconic and I love how they represent each era reflecting  the style and mood of the time. Style wise I think Sean Connery nailed the timeless aesthetic style which still appeals today. 

Have you ever provided costume for a feature film before? 

Yes we dressed Javier Bardem as the villain in Skyfall. In particular for his scene when he first confronts Bond on his remote island. 

thom whiddett and Luke sweeney

Thom Whiddett (right) and Luke Sweeney, founders of Thom Sweeney

Regarding the hopsack suit Daniel wore. Could you tell me about the benefits of Hopsack? 

It’s an open weave light weight suit perfect for hot climates. It has great movement. 

Is the fabric suitable for a Jamaican climate? 

Yes for the reasons above. 

Director Cary Fukanaga and Daniel Craig

Director Cary Fukanaga and Daniel Craig

Was Daniels wearing of the Thom Sweeney a surprise for you or did you know about it beforehand? I appreciate and respect client confidentiality, but if you are able to speak about your working relationship with Daniel at all I’d be fascinated. 

All I can say is that when he was in the New York store he was very gracious and open and genuinely an absolute pleasure to be with. Understated and classy as a British gent can be.

What’s next for the brand Thom Sweeney?

We are a British tailoring brand embarking on expansion at a considered pace. We are looking to grow internationally following on the success of our New York store. 

Yennis Cheung


In this episode of the podcast we also speak to Yennis Cheung who appeared in Skyfall, as the Casino Cashier in Macau.

She shares some great memories of being fitted for the film by Jany Temime. What is like to work with Daniel Craig, Sam Mendes and other great actors such as Danny Trejo and Danny Glover.

Skyfall Scene

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