London can be a beehive of activity. However, if you venture just a few miles outside of its perimeter, a multitude of hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. So why not take that leap of faith and check it out for yourself? You’ll wish you had years ago. I have listed below some of my favourite jogging routes, which enable you to escape and unwind the daily rat race, while you find your inner self, amongst the history, charm, character and feeling of being at one with nature while jogging in these truly awe inspiring routes.


1 Four Royal Parks (Distance 10.5 km)

This run allows you to be a one with nature, despite being located right in the middle of the city centre. Taking you along numerous shady paths, ponds, glorious gardens, which ultimately leading you to the beautiful Kensington Palace.

2 Richmond Park (Distance 11.6 km)

Richmond Park, truly is a hidden gem, hidden amongst the city of London itself! Located on one of the largest Royal Parks, and set within a vast and awe inspiring countryside.


3 River Thames (Distance 9.5 km)

Running along side the River Thames it literary runs parallel to several of London’s most popular sights, such as The Tower of London, The London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

4 Thames Run (Distance 19.9 km)

Following the Thames path which will take you away from the centre. Once out of the city centre it opens up to reveal scenic open wooded parks.


5 Regent’s Park (Distance 5.4 km)

Although this was once a hunting ground for Henry VIII, it is now a open to the public and offers you open fields, gardens, an all important running track, and if you are caught short, even boasts a WC.

6 Bushy Park (Distance 9.8 km)

This park is located to the South West of London city centre and can be found across directly opposite the River Thames. If you’re looking for a Park steeped in history you have found it! With Bushy Park dating back to medieval times, you will not be disappointed.


7 Hampstead Heath (Distance 5.8 km)

Hampstead Heath is set amongst a mixture of outstanding woodlands and grassy knolls, boasting both criss-crossed paved and dirt paths which makes it ideal for a jog. Due to its outstanding views from Parliament Hill it is also a popular spot for sight seeing and hilltop workouts.

8 Victoria Park (Distance 7.8 km)

If your looking for a traffic-free run then you have found it! Victoria Park or (“Vicky Park”) as its affectionately known, is a very popular and historic park which boasts an array of pretty tree-lined areas which have well maintained paved paths, making it the perfect spot for jogging or a leisurely stroll. 


9 Battersea Park (Distance 3.0 km)

Before its opening in 1854 Battersea Park was known as Battersea Fields and due to the unsavoury activities that took place there, it was not the place to be. It is now however quite the the place to be, seen with its beautiful green open fields, its perfect for walking jogging or picnicking.

10 East London Towpaths (Distance 10.0 km)

This is a mostly traffic-free, flat and paved route, which takes you through the East of London via a choice of four different tow-paths which run alongside London’s historic canals. Chose between The Limehouse Cut, River, Victoria Park, and Mile End Park.


Article by Sharon Anne



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