Freitag Bag traveller

Oh where did you get that over night bag?’ Lewis, American Pyscho.

Didn’t get round to doing a round up last week, but this week I’ve got some absolute bangers for you. Just to clarify this list is advert free.

I have been sent some samples but I’ve included them but only through variant degrees of meritocracy and kick-ass-ittude. Yes that’s a word I’ve just made up.


Freitag bag details

First heard about Freitag whilst out in Zurich. A PR girl told me about this brand that developed a messenger bag from used truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes and car seat belts.

It was founded by two dudes in the living room of their shared apartment – each bag recycled, each one unique.

I was lucky enough to get sent one from these guys and besides my James Bond Blu-Ray box set, it’s quite possibly the coolest thing I own.

Rugged, waterproof, esoteric, and damn right sexy. (The bag, not James Bond. Well, actually, James Bond also).

NB – Post update August 2018. This bag was sadly destroyed by British Airways. It caused quite the storm on social media and Freitag reached out and sent me a new one. Read about what you can do When British Airways destroys your luggage.

Freitag Bag rip


British Footwear manufacturer Norman Walsh were kind enough to send me a pair of Craftsman Projects, available soon.

Covered a fair few miles in these guys and they held together well, provided some ubermensch comfort. As seen here modelled by myself and the cat.

Cat modelling trainers

Norman Walsh Trainer

Modelling Norman Walsh by Graffiti door


You don’t have to love Liverpool or Football (although that helps) to appreciate the work of this fella on instagram. Follow him on Facebook too. Here’s a quick interview with the guy who will tell you how the fudge is packed …

‘I’m a big fan of Liverpool ever since I was a child. The Kop Art Studio was inspired by my love and passion for the team.

The attached pictures are of my all time favourites: Gerrard one is the first Kop Art I ever made and Lallana one is the one that was first ever posted online.

I particularly like the drawing style as you can see on Lallana: mixed of fierce, anger, and passion on player; and one to show you the process.

Processed with MOLDIV Kop Art Studio

I used drew them with black pen on paper – just a normal pen, no special equipment.

Starting off with pencil for first sketch, then continue and finish off with a pen. I love working with pen as it is a lot harder than pencil, I cannot make any mistake because I would not be able to undo it.

I sometimes add graphic effects before I post my work on social media. Each one takes me about a couple of hours to do.’ – The Kop Art Studio.

At a wedding recently my mate PJ showed me his Klokers watch. It looked the nuts and I have to say I was slightly envious.
He then dismantled the watch from the strap with a simple click, revealing its dual functionality as a pocket watch.
Started from a Kickstarter campaign apparently, you can check them out here.
Not the official title, but that’s what I’m calling the Admiral Hotel in Milan. The owner is a massive Bond fan and even had a brief cameo in Casino Royale.
I got to see his collection (the pictures don’t do it justice as it’s vast and scattered all over the hotel) which includes some amazing memorabilia, posters, action figures, cars and props from the film.
He even has Bond Russian dolls, can you beat that?

James Bond hotel

odd job doll

james bond russian dolls


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