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“Wait! I’m just a professional doing a job.” – Dr Kaufman – Tomorrow Never Dies.

Pin up girls are my kind of girls. For a couple of reasons. Chances are they’re going to be wearing some amazing clobber, dresses, elaborate hair and some tantalising under crackers. They’re more than likely to come from humble beginnings, raised on a farm somewhere in a tiny village in California. They’ll like decent music, analogue and direct, none of this techno house bullcrap.

I could be stereotyping here but, I call it like it is. I’ve scoured the internet for weeks, trawling through pin up profiles like a horny Columbo. Here with their consent, in no discernible order, are the Top five Pin up girls to follow on Instagram.

Marianna Chalkiadaki

Vintage Pin up girl in a purple floral dress

Try saying that name ten times in a row after five turbo shandies and a hip flask full of Auchentoshan. Marianna is the delightful boat race of, Vintageholic, the only Greek based, bilingual vintage lifestyle blog. (Any one want to contest that? Thought not).

“In the 4 years of my blogging experience, I have collaborated with lots of brands, advertising companies, and TV channels, such as H&M, L’Oreal, The Body Shop, Accessorize, Marks & Spencer, Top Vintage, Romwe, Pin-up Girl Clothing, Glitter and the Moon, Dolly & Dotty, etc.” – Mariana.

Doris Mayday

Whatever Lola Wants • Pin up girl Lola Devlin May kneeling on all fours on a rug in her black underwear

I miss a Doris. As a society we’re out of control with naming our children after fruit, random streets or worse, throwing the Y in where it doesn’t belong. (I’m talking to all you Kymberley’s out there). Can we not just go back to calling the little terrors Doris or Beryl, or like the mafia do it, just call them Marie, Maria, Petey or Paulie? I digress. Check out Doris Mayday, she’s a temptress, a classic in every way.
“From twirling dresses to naughty lingerie, I do my best to bring my love of vintage to ever shoot to really capture the era of pinup <3”. – Doris Mayday
Pin up girl miss siren sin in leopard skin bra and green hair

Photo by Tyson Gardner of TyGard Photography

“I love colorful hair, good tattoos, and pinup style! I enjoy modeling with cars and attending car shows but also have an infatuation with just being in front of the camera. Modeling is my passion. I have an intense love affair with the pinup style, clothing, hairdos, and culture. Even though I didn’t start out there I’ve always been enthralled with the pinup lifestyle. I was born and raised in a tiny town in Southern California. I’m a small town girl who grew up riding horses and adore animals. I recently decided within the last few years that I wanted to do a lot more pinup modeling and went full force. I even won the crown in February at Rockabilly Reunion for Miss Pychobilly 2016!” –Miss Siren Sin.

No mention of a fella in that description, and she said Miss Pschobilly, not Mrs. Noted. Although I’m a married spud, that was a mental note, in case my single friends want me to pass on her details. Which I won’t, because I’m a professional. I digress. This girl clearly makes the effort, great underwear, awesome hair, she even makes the bed.

Nena Moreno

Pin up Girl Nena Moreno in a spanish red pleated dress

Photography, Edit & Graphics: R Hidalgo Photo Hair: Andrea Rodriguez

When it comes to Pin up girls, Nena Moreno is a global phenomenon. Nena is known for her unique and classic look. She identifies herself with the beauty of vintage for its femininity and elegance. Mexican born blend of Italian, Spanish and Aztec blood (wow I believe Bill Hicks would refer to that as a ‘winning breed’) has had a great influence in Nena’s personal style and Pin-Up images.

Miss. Moreno currently resides in Los Angeles, and has an affinity for collecting vintage clothing and pictures of the Golden Era of Mexican Cinema.

Catch our exclusive interview with Nena Moreno on our influencer page.

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Wordpress screenshot for Pin up Girls article

Did I miss someone out? Should you have made the list? Please leave a comment or an Instagram handle below and we’ll consider you for a solo feature.

Prince Dianna

Pin up Girls Dianna Prince by Chris Reynolds

And lastly but not leastly, we have Prince Dianna. (A name that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the last Top 5 we ran). Prince Dianna is a seasoned veteran of the pin up racket. She specializes in Cheesecake pin up, but often shoots many other styles. She lives a pin up lifestyle, loves oldies music, always dressing vintage, old TV shows, etc. Look out for a solo feature in the next couple of weeks.


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