Natasha Meisler brunette Stewardess taking a selfie

Oh Stewardess, I speak jive.’ Jive Lady, Airplane.

When I suggested this list to my Annie on a recent trip to the coast, she said ‘Are you going to include guys in there too?’ I laughed so loudly I nearly had to pull the car over. ‘Good one babe, good one.’ Here for your enjoyment, in no discernible order is the Top 5 Stewardesses to Follow on Instagram.

Mailla Buss

Mailla Buss Stewardess taking selfie in uniform

I saw many incredible things on my recent trip to Rio. Sadly Mailla wasn’t one of them, (although the girls on TAM airline were very accommodating) however you should check out her page, every photo is like a wish you were here postcard.

Helene Tobiassen

helene tobiassen blonde stewardess in uniform

Helene wasn’t just put on this earth to tell you how to inflate a life jacket. This girl can sing, and her singing posts are equally as pleasing as her pictures. I think she should host some kind of Airplane karaoke. Every passenger gets a microphone and headset and….wait this is a killer idea, I better go patent it before I elaborate.

As of May 2018 this article on Stewardesses has polled close to 4k views.

Stewardesses screenshot wordpress statistics

Did I miss someone out? Drop me a name or an instagram handle in the comment box below. We will consider them for a solo feature on our Influencers page.

Brhitney Decamps

stewardess having fun pictured lying in over head cabins

Brhitney’s from Puerto Rico. Originally populated by the aboriginal Taíno people, the island was claimed in 1493 by Christopher Columbus for the Kingdom of Spain, enduring several invasion attempts by the French, Dutch, and British. Wow us Europeans loved an invasion back in the day didn’t we. As a rule I think if you’re flying to another country, that your country historically tried to invade, you should have to pay extra, or have limited access to the toilets, or something. I’ll get back to you on this, I haven’t entirely thought this one through.

Natasha Meisler

Natasha Meisler stewardess taking selfie

Not sure where Natasha is from. That’s the thing really with air stewardesses, every picture is them on a different beach. She’s not from Huntingdon, that I do know. We don’t grow them like that where I’m from.

Natasha – “I was just looking for a job where I can smile constantly. You know, the rest is simply a privilege.” 

Miha Iliut

Miha stewardess in uniform on an empty plane

Miha looks like she could be the poster girl for Ryan Air. Quick fact about Ryan Air: Michael O’Leary joined in 1991 after he took a trip over to the USA with South West Airlines. He was so impressed with their business model that he modelled much of what Ryanair does on their operations including quick turnarounds and no thrills. Wait no thrills? Does Michael know about this picture? (I’ll see myself out).

Anna Piwowarska

anna stewardess in a field drinking tea

Anna is from Poland and has a great eye for a good picture. She coincides her profile with her travel blog which can be found here. In your face Trip Advisor. Anna puts the ‘business’ in business class. Or maybe that should be the ‘class’ in business class. Or maybe it’s first class. Ah I’ll work on that later.


naz stewardess in uniform

And lastly but by no means leastly, Naz. A Canadian living in Dubai, into dance, make-up and dudes with tattoo’s. Or at least one dude with tattoo’s. Animal lover and an all round big ball of talent. Check out her youtube vids here.



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