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In her own words..

My name is Bee Urgello. I am a model, a beauty queen and a financial adviser at an insurance company here in the Philippines. I am a geek and a fashionista. I love clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and make up. By contrast I also love reading comic books, playing video games and watching anime/cartoons =) I guess I have 2 sides in me.. the beauty and the geek LOL

Whats an average day like for you Bee? 

My line of work is too varied that an average day wouldn’t be enough to describe it. Lets try an average week hehehhehe Mondays are for meetings at the office, rest of the week are divided into dress fitting days, photoshoots, fashion shows, lazy days for geeking out and family/friends bonding time.

Bee-Urgello-from the trans community in a figure hugging red dress

What’s your favourite platform for social media? 

Facebook. I love how you could do so much with it. Post photos and videos, share different links and news, give reviews to various types of establishments, create a group chat with family and friends, make your own fanpage, sell stuff online and so much more.

How often do you get asked out on social media versus real life? 

I get asked out more on social media than in person. 1 major reason is that I don’t go clubbing or do night outs much and also I’m very active on social media. I also prefer being asked out on social media because that means that the person asking you out has seen my profile and has a little background about me and I wont have to go through that awkward stage of telling and explaining I’m a transwoman.

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Do you find social media addictive? How much has it aided your career?

Oh yes! It can be very addictive. Its so hard to go by without it but there are times when I can appreciate the beauty of life more without it. It has aided me in my career a lot. I have gotten some modelling and endorsement gigs thru social media =) I also had my first Human Research article written years ago because of my social media specifically Instagram.

Which platform of social media is more positive towards the trans community? 

I would have to give a special shoutout to Facebook. Facebook is positive towards the trans community. The way they changed how a person can identify what gender and what type of pronouns they prefer on their profiles gives us so much freedom on expressing ourselves. It makes us feel that we are heard and that we belong. I also did a TEDx talk this year about the struggles I went through as a woman and It was posted on Youtube and I would have to say it’s a great way of sharing a person’s life experience to the rest of the world.

Bee-Urgello-Transgender What city would you like to visit next? 

I want to go Madrid, Spain for a lot of reasons. I want to see the rich culture that’s so colorful for which I am so familiar with since the Philippines was under Spanish rule for over 300 years, my dad is A Spanish-Filipino mix, i was Miss Spain when I joined the Queen pageant, I love Spanish dishes like paella, callos, lengua estofada, tapas etc.

Who is your favourite James Bond? 

Pierce Brosnan. I dont know why but maybe because he was the James Bond of my generation( 90s) and I loved that Golden Eye song by Tina Turner so much back then.

What would your autobiography be called?

A Boy Who Became A Queen

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