Club Quarters Houston Hotel Review


Currently rated #58 out of 501 Hotels in Houston on Trip Advisor, the missus spent four nights there at around $90 a night.

About: Club Quarters Hotel, The Club Quarters Hotel is a 16-story, 61.6 m (202 ft) Beaux-Arts high-rise at 710 Fannin Street in downtown Houston, Texas, USA. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Placesunder its former name, the Texas State Hotel.Originally planned for the 1928 Democratic National Convention, but due to construction and finance difficulties, was not completed until 1929 (with the help of Jesse Holman Jones).

Breakfast: Not free, not free NOT FREE!! When I asked at the front desk where the breakfast buffet is the girl behind the desk looked at me like I asked her to explain the Duckworth and Lewis Method. The breakfast in the bar isn’t anything to write home about unfortunately. Tried the Grits, which is like Tesco value porridge with melted cheese. Service was good though. 3/10

Toilet Paper: Pointed? Yes it was, well done Club Quarters. Not velvet or scented but no complaints from my cheeks. 7/10


Shower: Oh yes, good pressure, nice and warm and included a small slab of emergency carbolic soap. The shower head held firm. 8/10

Bed: Missus didn’t like it, too small apparently, she’s the bed expert. But she did say you get what you pay for. But let me tell you about the radio alarm clock. You can charge your phone on it and have it play your podcasts or music. 6/10

Kettle: We had a coffee machine in the room that looked complicated, the missus got it working though. They did have a coffee machine downstairs though that worked on the first day and was broken for days 2,3,4. They filled another vender full of coffee which the missus hated. You also get free M&M’s and Wasabi Beans in the lobby from Mon-Thurs. 6/10

Safe: No safe. But they get an extra point for having an iron and a big ass TV. 5/10

Bar: Yes, bar was good, plenty of beers (though no Lone Star) and cocktails. Service was nice and friendly. 8/10

Valet: Many complaints on the Valet from Trip Advisor, these guys aren’t really on the ball. We waited 40 minutes for our car and it all seemed a bit headless. The parking garage is literally across the street. IDEA: Here’s an idea Club Quarters, hand out free beer or at least serve beer for anyone waiting longer than 10 minutes. Valuable drinking time was wasted. As my good fried George DeMontrond said at the Rodeo, ‘the only thing worse than waiting in line, is waiting in line without a beer‘. 5/10




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