Hotel Lowen am See Zug is rated #4 out of 8 hotels on TripAdvisor. The missus and I check in there a week or so back and here’s a match report.


The four-star hotel and brasserie is conveniently situated in Zug’s quiet historic center, on the shore of Lake Zug. A 40 minute train ride out of Zurich, and a 10 minute walk from the Zug train station.  Hotel Löwen was the first hotel in Switzerland to provide its guests with the luxury of electric lighting. It’s managed by the Christoph Ruckli as of March 2015.


Brekkie: 8/10

An orgy of fruit, cheese and the waitress Antoinette will take your order, without writing anything down and deliver it to a tee. Astonishing woman, fantastic memory. There’s fresh juice, cereal, baby pancakes, the lot. Well, I say the lot but there’s no black pudding and I noticed that soap-sud after taste on the coffee cup. But look, you won’t go hungry and you can bring your own cup if you’re a picky wanker. I did.

Shower: 8/10

Yeah awesome pressure on the shower, and the heat is intense. Little tip, don’t go to room 404. It’s an annex room and they’ve just managed to squash a shower in. Even I had to cower and I’m only 5’5. I’ve been a few times now and every other room has a shower that is on the money. There’s a lot of noise on trip advisor about the shower not being fixed to the wall. My experience it does slide a little and you have to engineer the head in a way that it points in your direction. Not a train smash.


Toilet Paper: 10/10

Quilted and pointed. Bravo.

Bed: 10/10

I slept like a damn log on that thing. Apart from the first night, but I had stuff on my mind so did some writing on the toilet so as not to wake the missus. She woke up anyway when I turned the light on, screaming like a Mogwai. Poor girl.


Kettle: 10/10

Yep they have an expresso machine. Get in!

Reception: 10/10

They have a bowl of mini toblerones on the desk at reception. Different varieties also.

Gym: N/A

No gym.

Surrounding areas: 8/10

Not really linked to the hotel, but you might like to know that Zug is very quaint. Not much to do as you’ll find out, but undeniably beautiful. The lake is too big to run around so I normally just do a 30 minute stretch. The swans are friendly, unlike their English cousins that are basically, self-entitled hooligans with feathers.


Currently you can get a standard single for £135 a night. It varies but the room we stayed in was about £200.








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