The Saigon Morin Hotel – Hue – Hotel Review


The Saigon Morin Hotel has an imperious aura. Built in 1901 it is widely regarded as the most luxurious hotel in all of Hue, Vietnam. It has 180 guest rooms, 4 restaurants and recreations. It suffered some damage during the Vietnam War, especially during the Tet Offensive of ’68 (one of the bloodiest battles during the Vietnam War which took place in the Hue Citadel) but since it’s renovation in ’97 it has reclaimed it’s provincial motto; “people can be born in a cradle of Morin and die in a coffin of Morin” (On peut naitre dans un berceau Morin et mourir dans un cercueil Morin).


The Room 

Is partitioned with rich boxed pine columns. On one side, a low circular marble surfaced coffee table adorned with welcome fruit, accompanied by high backed armchairs. The other, a King Size double with padded headboards and duck down pillows. A desk is positioned peripherally in context to the room, but adds to its studious and regal aesthetic.





For breakfast we dined outside, an orgy of fresh juice, crepes, dumplings and coffee was on offer. What the room lacked in romance, the backdrop of fountains and overhangs of forestation across the walkways provided. This was one of the more enjoyable stays on our trip and recommend to anyone visiting Hue. It’s positioned close to the night market where we had our pictures drawn, a little too honestly.






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