Huong Hai Sealife – Cruise Review – Ha Long Bay


I’ll probably say this was one of the best experiences of my life. That and seeing the Kevin Pietersen 158 against Australia on the last day of Ashes. Boy did I get hammered that day. Again, another good reason to give up the booze as I’d like to have a more vivid memory of that innings other than just saying I’ve seen it. For anyone wanting to follow my journal of going tee-total I’ll be doing a day by day account under the drinks section of this blog.


This place was just unreal. Ha Long Bay is made of of 1969 islands I think. (In reality I don’t think even the Vietnamese know). They say it’s the exact same as the year of the death of their great leader Ho Chi Minh. The cruise is called Huong Hai Sealife.


On this boat they welcome you onboard by banging a kettle drum. They have one lad on the bar during happy hour who is overrun. He served one geezer, who jumped the line. The guy next to me said,

‘This fucker not only jumped in front of me but nicked my recliner on the deck over there. The rate he’s going I won’t be surprised to find him boning my missus when I get to the room’. 


If you’d like to see more imagery and learn more facts about the bay I wrote an article about the floating fishing village here.


Once in a life time trip. Food was ace. Entertainment was so bad it was brilliant.









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