The Secret Tunnels of Ho Chi Minh City


Again apologies, no time to write at the minute. I’m knee deep in writing scripts for another blogger and his YouTube channel. (Will give you a match report on that at some point. Lets just say it’s Really Manly and Really Stylish). I was up at that crack of fuck and I’ve written close on 3k words. Ain’t complaining but I sort of run out of juice at this time of night.



See matey above deftly get out of that Vietnamese tunnel. Jesus these guys were smart. Never lost a war you know. Everyone has had a pop at trying to invade the Vietnamese. They’re like the Mayweathers of world wars. I tried the same manoeuvre and remarkably, even with my maladroit pigeon-toed feet I was able to squeeze in and out.

DSC_1742 DSC_1743

Look up! These traps were lethal. Ugly, pernicious. But they call it war for a reason. They even called it the American War, we know it as the Vietnam War but the Vietnamese didn’t start anything. They certainly didn’t use any chemicals like the Yanks did. Here don’t believe me?




The Vietnamese used shells from unexploded US bombs to make grenades and booby traps.



How about that for a fancy bit of upcycling? Car trye sandals. If you’re heading to Vietnam you have to check this place out. Check out this link for details.


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