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2 months in!

Thinking of giving up alcohol for a spell?  

It’s easier than you think, but what will be the sand-traps? 

What will be the things you’ll miss the most? 

Where can I get one of those hologram girlfriends that I saw in the Bladerunner movie?

Sorry I digress, and for the record I’m very happy with the real one I’ve got.

I’m currently 2 months in with no drink and during that period I’ve been to a wedding, 2 whisky sample events, spent 10 days in wine country, stayed at a luxury resort where free drink was readily available. Yet I’ve survived, and in some cases it wasn’t even these events that triggered my craving for alcohol. Here are some triggers that nearly broke me, that could also break you.

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You might find you’ll want to drink to things of the past. Raise a glass, remember something, say goodbye to something. In a way you’re detaching yourself from an old lifestyle, and part of my old lifestyle had many things that centred around alcohol. The above is an old Beatles Bar I made with the help of friends and family. Be careful about raising a glass to an old memory, it triggers nostalgia and nostalgia is not your friend when it comes to sobriety.

woman drinking cocktail

Catch ups

Especially the ones you haven’t seen in a long time. For example with my good friend Fiona here on the right, we hadn’t seen each other in a long time and it’s always good to catch up over a drink.

Catch ups used to be a lethal business for me. Bloody lethal. If I hadn’t seen someone in a long time we’d go to the pub, drink, talk, get a nice buzz going. But then we’d go back and drink the night away.

I’m lucky enough to have good intelligent friends and I want to interrogate them, learn from them, and before you know it you’ve talked shit for 8 hours straight, it’s 7am and you’ve finished a dozen bottles. Guess what you’ll remember the next day? F*ck all.

How to handle the big days without alcohol

friends drinking whisky tasting

The odd one out

It’s my job to go to press events and get pissed. I’ve discovered. Unless there was something else on the itinerary? Oddly I did this entire whisky blending junket for Chivas and no one noticed, yet when I went to Ischia to review a resort, I had to decline a free drink at reception and instantly questions were asked. It’s not so much being the odd one out, but feeling like you’re insulting the host and his mocking his hospitality. How often do we drink just to be polite?

whisky tasting event

Ok that’s it from me, need to crack on. Hope this helps someone. It helps me writing about it, speaking about it. Let me know how you’re getting on with giving up alcohol in the comment box below, what are your triggers? Do you find it hard to say no to the host? Seriously, how far away are we from having hologram girlfriends?



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