Thoughts – Trussardi Riflesso

Take a look at the Trussardi Riflesso bottle on the right, what feelings does it conjure? 

Does it evoke masculinity? Does it look sleek? 

Ever been to the Chiltern Firehouse? I had two shots of Tequila there once and it cost me 40 sheets! Jesus that was the wrong place for a liquid lunch. 

I digress.

Architect and designer, Carlo Colombo, worked closely with Gaia Trussardi to create the bottle. The ribbed surface of the glass Trussardi Riflesso bottle brings to mind the world of Italian cars and motorcycles, just as the luxurious zamak and surlyn cap resembles the steering wheel of a car.



There is no room for shrinking violets within Italian design. Think of this less of a bottle that plays on masculine stereotypes (steering wheels and radiator grills), more an archetypical celebration of Italian magnanimity.

I see this as my Rocky Marciano amongst my parfum collection. It plants its feet, it might not have the grace of a Muhammed Ali, but its fearless. Its arresting. Its unconstrained. Its undefeated.

Ok so the last line doesn’t quite sit, but you get my point.

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The dynamic and energetic top notes of bergamot, pink grapefruit and crisp green apple create a citrusy Italian cocktail before giving way to a floral, aromatic heart of geranium, violet leaf absolute and lavender flower extract.


The sensual base notes of Italian leather, vetiver and tonka bean, symbolising the charismatic, masculine sensuality of Italian culture, rounds out this Woody/Oriental fragrance.


A heavy load initially, sitting midway up the throat before dissipating entirely seconds later. It’s less talismanic than the imperious bottle would suggest, but that doesn’t diminish its authority. It’s enjoyed the best part of the day on my wrist, an indictment of its silage. It will win no awards for technical virtuosity, yet has a beguiling sweetness. Almost as if Rocky Marciano, wasn’t such a tough guy after all. And I rather like that.

This Trussardi Riflesso 100ml bottle is currently available to buy online for £77

Now we want to hear from you. Have you tried Trussardi Riflesso? How do you think it compares to other fragrances on the market? What do you think of the bottle? Is Chiltern Firehouse a flagrant rip off? Leave a comment below.


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