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In case you missed out on the big news from National Cat Day yesterday, Golden Bell Entertainment announced its first official Stuffimal stuffed animal, Roux the Cat, based on the lovely likeness of the Instagram famous two legged cute cat Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux! This stuffed cat is 10” tall and is properly house trained. Check out Roux’s Kickstarter campaign for your chance to get hold of one.

I’m only 20% depressed that a cat has an agent and I don’t. But look, this cat was born without her two front paws, so she earned her stripes. Plus she looks the kind of cat that sees her water bowl as half full, so no wonder she’s gaining a few column inches. Now her fans can participate and support Roux in the launch of her official merchandise. I managed to catch an interview with Roux’s owner, Jackie.


Would you say Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux is a happy cat?

Roux is one of the cutest cats you’ll ever meet. She is very happy, but she’s sometimes a little shy, too. She gets along really well with her big sister cats, who we feel are great models for Roux. They show her that she can do anything even though she doesn’t have all four legs. 

Is she allowed out, does she go out or does she prefer to stay indoors?

In the city of New Orleans, there isn’t much of a place for Roux to go outside and play. She doesn’t like traveling in a carrier either, so she mostly stays in the safety of her home. She does, however, enjoy taking a peek at the outside world from the comfort of covered and screened-in porch! 

How much attention does she generally need on a day to day basis?

Roux isn’t naggy at all! She doesn’t try to steal the show or grab attention. Roux is as happy as can be, whether she’s hiding under the table, playing with her sisters, just hopping around or taking a nap somewhere around the house.


She looks to have great agility jumping from floors to tables. Does she have any trouble getting down from the tables?

While not always the most nimble, Roux manages to climb up and down the tallest of places, sometimes in ways that her big sisters can’t even do! She’s quite the acrobat and always thinks of clever ways to get up and down places. It’s important to note, though, with her super powerful legs, it is sometimes quite easy!

Have you considered any front support in form of a wheel or stabilizers?

Roux may need to be fitted with prosthetic legs when she gets older, particularly if the hopping starts to take its toll on her back. The hope is that, after seeing Roux’s story, awareness for the resilience of disabled pets will increase. Watching Roux online is proof enough that it’s worth adopting a pet. Jackie, Roux‘s mom, is as happy as she can possibly be after taking in Roux: “If you have an opportunity to adopt a pet, it’s a very admirable cause.”

I bet she’s a hit with the neighbours and children. Does she get pampered more than any other pet you know?

Family and friends love Roux to death! She’s a really special girl in everyone’s eyes, but she does like bringing her other sisters in when people are around. Maybe it’s because she’s shy, or maybe she feels that everyone deserves the same special attention she gets 🙂


When will she have her own TV show? 

Funny you should ask! Our partners at Golden Bell Studios, Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen and Robert Gross, are in the process of creating books, comics, and *hint hint* animations for our Lil‘ Bunny Sue Roux! That’s all I can say for now without spoiling too much, but stay tuned. They have a lot of great things in store for everyone. I do want to thank you and everyone for being so supportive of Roux and we hope that you’ll continue following along her misfit adventures, even if it is just around our house. Thanks again, everyone!

Regarding the Kickstarter:

How much are you looking to raise?

We are looking to raise a modest $10,000 to meet the bare minimum costs of production. The rest is gravy….or should I say Graybee (Roux’s sisters name, hehe)? 

What sort of products will be available for people to pledge? 

We’ll be offering some fun treats! Everything from a way to take Roux home with you VIA an awesome stuffed animal, to an art picture book, a calendar and playing cards. Also, two great t-shirts will be available to purchase now!

Will any of the profits go towards an animal charity?

While Kickstarter doesn’t allow the direct proceeds to go towards charities, we still have a lot of exciting things planned. We will be hosting pet adoptions during the campaign through Instagram Live Stories on our account and we have many other special surprises that will be sure to be a hit with fans! 

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