Universal Works Foundry JacketThe Universal Works Foundry Jacket

This is a Universal Works jacket I’ve coined my foundry jacket. Basically because the missus has said when I put it on, I look like I’m heading back to the factory.

It’s true I’ve worked in many factories during my life. I’m from a family of hard working foundry workers who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves. I’m often torn towards making friends with bloggers as I’m easily irascible at the best of times, but their flagrant air-headed statuses about constantly ‘dream it, achieve it’ b*llshit riles me in such a way I can’t describe.

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Universal Works Workwear Jacket


Me wearing jacket and scarf in front of red brick wall

Me wearing Universal Works jacket and scotch and soda scarf I knew when I bought this jacket it had a foundry feel to it. The missus even says I look homeless. But it keeps me humble Jack. It reminds me of my roots. It reminds me that although I don’t push willow through a circular saw anymore, and I’m nobodies grunt, I still need to roll up my sleeves to get ahead of these assholes.

This Universal Works 3-button foundry jacket is 2-3 years old. Single vented with two button soldier cuffs; working. The dual flap pockets have dog-eared over time.

It’s unstructured and has two inner open pockets. Neither big enough for a smart phone, but convenient enough for business cards.

The only thing I’m not over keen on are the plastic buttons. I like the colour, but authentic wooden buttons would have ameliorated this jacket further.

stylish man on The Avenue des Champs-Élysées








Universal Works is a Nottingham based brand, they have 3 stores, 1 in Nottingham 2 in London. This jacket is inspired from workwear origins. The founder, David Keytes’ Dad was a Baker and wore a simple chore jacket whilst working.

This work suit jacket is no longer available to buy through their online store. I’ve messaged them for an interview about their latest collection, they’ve yet to get back to me.

Universal Works Mens Fashion


Outer layer: Universal Works Work Suit Jacket

Cardigan: Trunkier Clothing (Chiltern ST)

Shirt: Scotch & Soda

Trousers: All Saints

Hat: Fenwick, now lost.
Button details on jacket

Let me know what you think of this jacket in the comment box below. Have you heard of Universal Works? What do you think of the brand? Should I fake my orgasm? (Airplane gag). Follow me on Pinterest for more fashion inspiration.

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Faded 3 button jacket

Man walking on country road


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