unstructured-blazer-country-styleThe Unstructured Blazer

I am town mouse. I am country mouse. Two separate wardrobes for each place of residence, the family home in Cambridgeshire, the missus’ gaff in Marylebone. The country wardrobe is very much the detritus, the sartorial embodiment of woeful decisions and regret-purchases, that haunt me to this day.

I’d like to present this Imperial unstructured blazer that has since been relegated to the country. It was purchased for an inflated price at Oscar Milo in London, I was young, impressionable and easily lead by the sales person. I’ve never forgotten how horrible that guy made me feel buying this blazer, and the suit, which by the way I’ve now given away as part of a competition.

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Dan Trepanier wrote a very comprehensive article on Articles of Style entitled ‘What is an unstructured suit?’ which will walk you through the basics. Below is a video I made on this jacket. I talk about this and other staple garments in a mans wardrobe in the ‘My Wardrobe‘ section of my site.

Sadly this blazer didn’t really live up to my expectations quality wise. The collars have furled and the lapels are growing increasingly dog-eared. Which is down to poor quality and not age.


All that said I would still buy again from Imperial Fashion, they’re an Italian based company coming into 40 years of trading. Their website is only B2B, and its actually a tough brand to track down. They’re not on FarFetch, Mainline Menswear, Matches, but you can find some of their concessions on Yoox.┬áIt’s quite entry level pricing, possibly down to the selection of fabrics they use. This blazer is half polyester/half cotton.

I invited a spokesperson from Imperial Fashion to join me for a conversation, but I didn’t hear back. To which I say such is life.




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