A brand after my own heart. Rockbox celebrates the fun and beauty of gift giving, inspired by the desire to make gifting effortless and simple, taking all the heavy lifting out of finding the right gift for someone. Rockbox offers stylish and pretty gift boxes filled with a selection of thoughtful and fabulous items that can be sent directly to the people who rock our world.

I got wind of the latest Rockbox release called The Organised Traveller. Knowing this is just what I needed for my upcoming trip across Italy I reached out to the company and they were kind enough to send me a sample. That’s right, I gifted myself. The box arrived the next day, as promised and just in time before I left the airport. I’m famous for my poor wrapping so I can appreciate the presentation skills of this gift from Rockbox. The personalised note was a nice touch, been awhile since anyone called me handsome.

I can tell you the box was practical and was my survival kit throughout the holiday. Overall we stayed in 6 different hotels and Air BnB’s during the course of 10 days and having something light and compact made it so much easier for me to stay on top of my grooming. I hadn’t felt this organised since I arranged vinyl collection alphabetically as a student.

I can tell you the facewash had a nice mint maybe peppermint smell to it. I used it at least three times a day and only ran out on the last day. The hydrating face cream was also employed and I still had some left over at the end of the holiday. You get plenty of bang for your buck with the kit and if you’re away for a fortnight, then the facewash, the cream and the toothpaste will all last the course.

I have to say I’m a little precious when it comes to my teeth so did pack my own toothbrush. However, I managed to utilise the travel kit toothbrush from the giftbox and used it to clean the white crepes of my trainers. (Sacrilege!! Apologies Rockbox). But they worked a treat and I rued the fact I left the toothbrush in one of the first hotels by mistake and had to sacrifice the hotel flannels, which chagrined my girlfriend deeply.

Overall, a neat idea, especially if you’re like me; love gifting, loathe shopping. They’ve curated some practical and fun gifting ideas on their site for milestone events, weddings, birthdays etc. You can also create your own Rockbox and personalised message to make it more bespoke.

Lastly, the tin also got used everyday to stash my girlfriends jewellery. I’ll tell you, whenever we travel she commandeers an entire desk with her various bangles, bracelets and paraphernalia. You’d think I’d had Mr.T round for an all night poker session. Now the days of my girlfriend monopolising precious hotel surfaces are a thing of the past.

The Rockbox Organised Traveller Kit also comes with a pair of Tom Lane socks and retails at £42 with an additional £3.99 delivery, shipped in 2 days.



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