p.p crafted garments choice of socks

‘I can’t get rid of these socks.’

‘Why not?’

‘They have sentimental value.’

‘Ok so we’ll frame them, but they are not going back on your feet.’ (The Missus and I last week).

socks and brogues on a balcony


There are many compromises and sacrifices one must make when entering a relationship. Having to reinvent my entire sock draw was not one I anticipated.

My sock drawer would be compartmentalised into gym socks and date socks. However now I’m off the market, date socks and gym socks soon homogenised into just gym socks, leaving me bereft of special occasion socks.

A darwinian hierarchy within the sock drawer soon metastasised where only the ones with the least amount of holes made it out, the rest were simply forced into retirement. However retirement didn’t necessarily mean an ex-communication from the sock drawer.

No matter what their wearied condition, there was always a place for them at the back, where they could hang out with their friends and reminisce about the journeys they took together.

orange socks on a grassy hill

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m sentimental about socks. The missus however, is not.

It was time to make a ruthless culling of some of my most treasured garments, emptying 3/4 of my sock drawer to make way for a new wave of young and hungry socks.

Enter MP Crafted Garments.

blue socks in loafers


MP Crafted Garments is an upcoming menswear accessory brand and part of the prestigious and traditional MP Denmark who produce hi-quality socks for Kids and Women.

M.P. Crafted Garments is a Danish knitting company with a history of dedication in making high quality socks and accessories. Established in 1937 by entrepreneur Martin Pedersen, M.P. Crafted Garments holds a respect for its attention to details, tailoring approach and eclectic use of yarn and thread.

dark blue socks on a rock

TODAY – MP is still located in the middle of Jutland, Herning, Denmark and most of the knitting machines have been moved to Latvia (EU) to reduce production and labour cost, but MP still have full functioning and active vintage knitting machines in the production hall in Denmark. Production samples are made on location in Herning.

Just moments after the designs complete, they are able to run it through the knitting machines and have a production warm sample in hand less than 30 min after.

That makes them capable of making constant adjustments until things turn out perfect in look and feel.

socks on a washing line

Every year M.P. Crafted Garments presents its seasonal collections with new interpretations of the classic knitted sock. Made with extra soft Oeko-Tex® certified yarn, the socks are crafted with a strong heel and toe reinforcement.

M.P. Crafted Garments addresses the fashion-conscious man who appreciates a quality-knitted sock as a comfortable wardrobe essential as well as a stylish accessory.

socks by a lake


The socks are awesome, just awesome. I’ve dispensed with novelty socks, with sentiment, and found that not only have I found M.P Garment Socks, but they’ve found me.

It was somehow serendipitous, not only am I looking to upgrade my sock draw, but my overall game as a man in his late thirties.

OK so I’ll still burp the alphabet, and laugh at videos of children running into patio doors, but (and if you’ll pardon the pun) one step at a time. M.P Crafted Garments will be a perfect addition to the draw of either the urban gentleman, or the sneaker obsessive looking to add some flavour to his casual look.

socks and hugo boss oxford shoes


I suppose it would be unfair to say that socks with holes don’t have sentimental value to me. They do in a way.

The only other time I have seen such a phenomenon would be in the days of my Soviet childhood. Socks with holes in my childhood usually were sent to a knitting box stuffed with wool of boring colours to match the tones of aforementioned socks (typically shades of black, brown and grey) and equipped with an old light bulb retired from working as a bulb and re-assigned to a knitting box as a specialized device utilized in the sock repairing process.

burton tan brogues

Fast forward to year 2016 I thought the light bulb assisted sock repair technology now belongs exclusively to the history channel as the world has moved on… little did I know that time flows differently in my BF’s home town and as far as socks in Cambridge are concerned Berlin wall has not gone down yet. 

feet hanging out at the end of the bed

Long and behold, as with every other disruptive technology, a dozen socks from the heaven of MP Crafted Garments instantly sealed the fate of hard working, Grade II listed (according to BF) historic socks.

The newly arrived bunch brought the youthful energy with them and I am afraid there is no going back. Pleasant to touch, varied in colours and thickness of threads and above all – not boring – the MP Crafted Garments will now be creating the new memories. I am a fan!  – The Missus

behind the scenes photography

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