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Does Vaping help you quit smoking? 

Is there any scientific proof? 

If so what are the side effects? 

I remember trying to quite smoking a 1000 times back in my 20’s.

My best friend would often have the ‘are you back smoking again‘ line on a loop every 3-4 months of the year.

I started by reading Allen Carr’s book, Easy Ways to Quit Smoking.

I ingested it rather than committed anything to memory, but I do recall him saying how it feels more and more draconian asking for an ashtray these days.

And that was written back in 1985.

Nowadays I’m certain people only buy novelty gift ashtrays when on holiday in Cuba.

So does Vaping work?

I never caught onto the vaping train, I instead had counselling in my early 30’s, got into running, boxing, and eventually smoking had no room in my life any more.

However, I’m fascinated with the ever expanding e-cigarette industry. My brother has a flakey interest in both smoking and vaping and is known as a ‘dual-user’.

Vip E Liquid Vaping

My sister’s boyfriend has managed to successfully stem a 40 a day habit which he puts solely down to the use of Vaping.

The key is to get a quality one (vaping tool). I’ve tried cheap ones, disposable ones and they’ve not worked for me. You need one with a good battery life and some decent quality flavoured vaping liquids

I noticed a difference after 6 months. My chest was no longer tight as a snare and I didn’t wheeze or croak‘. Scott Hawkings, Vaping for 3 years. 

man vaping in street How many people Vape in the world today?

According to one study the United States is the world’s leading vape market, with over 9 million users spending over $3.7 billion per year on related products.

Quoting an article written by Alastair Cohen in November 2017, Alastair writes.

‘The UK has the highest growth vaping market in Europe is the United Kingdom, where there are around 2.8 million vape users. 

The e-cigarette has become one of the fastest-growing supermarket products by volume and value with a 50% year-on-year increase to around 17.3 million units sold last year.’

Is it better to Vape than to smoke?  

You’ve hit the red button question. In a nutshell yes. Whilst there are still health implications, studies released this year have shown that people that vape as opposed to smoke are less likely to suffer from heart related illnesses.

So will Vaping help me quit smoking?

In an article penned by Melissa Vonder Haar, she claims it will. She writes

‘.. data showed 48.5 million Europeans have tried electronic cigarettes, with 7.5 million Europeans currently vaping. Of those current users, 35.1% quit smoking altogether and an additional 32.2% reduced their use of combustible cigarettes.’

Woman Vaping in the dark

One of the reasons why people might double-use is because studies show there could be other addictive stimulants in cigarettes than just nicotine.

Quitting is a weaning process that requires you to reduce the amount of the element that you are addicted to slowly.

There are E-Liquid oils on the market today with a range of nicotine levels, including zero-nicotine.

This gives you control of the process as you can reduce your daily intake, as you feel right until you reach the zero-nicotine level.

This article was supported by VIP Electronic Vaping and E-Liquids but all my thoughts are my own.

Have you given up smoking and turned to Vaping? Let us know what E-Liquids you like to use in the comments below.

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