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I wouldn’t go so far as to call a dog filthy but they’re definitely dirty. But, a dog’s got personality. Personality goes a long way.‘ – Jules, Pulp Fiction.

Before I rattle off the 5 hottest Vegan Models on the face of the planet, a little backstory first. It’s 1998, I didn’t even know what a vegan was until my mate John the Scouser turned down a hot dog outside the Crazy Golf course in Yarmouth about 20 years ago.

Instead he opted for a hot dog bun, minus the dog, butter, and layered it with deliciously slippery fried onions. He proceeded to eat it without dyspeptic complaint, not dolefully looking at the rest of the dogs simmering on the grill. What is this vegan lark all about? I asked myself.

Well that was 20 years ago, and today begins my investigation. “So you’ll be including men into the conversation this time?” My girlfriend enquired, rather reciprocally.

I spat out my cornflakes across the kitchen bar and keeled over into heightened fits of laughter. After a few minutes I recovered and resumed my breakfast whilst she wiped down the spat-cereal from the mirror-mosaic kitchen tiles that ran across the counter, ‘Good one babe,’ I said.

Steph Yu

Steph Yu with angel wings

It had to be YU, it had to be YU! Just love that song. You can literally take that surname and endorse any brand. YU got the touch, (church organ descending choral cadence) YU got the powerrrrr, YEAH! Awesome, sorry I digress.

Meet Steph Yu. On the vanguard of all things vegan, she dedicated her life to dancing and when the doctors told her to put on forty pounds, she entered the national buffalo wing festival and ate her way to glory, putting on 200 pounds over the course of a weekend.

Of course I jest, she found GOD, nope … Veganism. That’s the one. On her website you can check out links to her youtube and purchase her eBook Gaining back your life.


Vegan model Meghan Aro doing a spiderman pose

Introducing Meghan Aro. She also has the kind of website you don’t want to be looking at if you’ve just taken a rustler burger out from the microwave.

A certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist, if you’re not based in Los Angeles you should still give her a follow because she posts interesting workout vids, vegan dishes with ingredients and yoga poses on the beach in her Calvin Klein shorty shorts. You know what they say about variety..

I try to spread awareness via my online presence by being a positive example for health, sustainability, and consciousness.

Currently I’m working with a marketing team to move most of my training business to an online platform where I’ll be selling video-led fitness programs as well as nutrition plans that help people make the transition to a plant based diet. – Meghan

Sonia Elsie

Vegan Model Sonia Elsie in a black dress and cardigan

As far as Vegan models go, Sonia is tip of the spear. She is also living proof that you don’t need a full english, complete with black pudding, bacon, bread and butter, beans, sausages, hash browns, laced in brown sauce, to have fun in your life.

Whilst I treat my body like a nightclub, she treats hers like a temple. Her profile is a nice blend of selfies, curry dishes, palm trees, beaches etc. Wait did someone say blend? Time for a Johnnie Walker, it’s already gone lunch.

Crissi Carvalho

Vegan fitness model in black and white

Crissi is the cover girl for Vegan Models. Now here’s a lady that looks like she could make short work of me in an arm wrestle.

Or anyone else for that matter. She’s extremely entrepreneurial, a vegan fitness coach, prepares online meal plans, penning eBooks etc. Check out all her gubbins and goings-on over on her website.

By the way, have you ever tried typing the word entrepreneur and spell checker tells you it’s wrong, but because you’re so far off it can’t even offer you any suggestions. One very clear and concise way of the the universe telling me I will never be one.

I re-­educate clients on whole food plant based nutrition. No chemicals, no additives, nothing but whole foods, organic and fresh.

Nutrition is key, but so is health, wellness and  youth. Since starting my online  programs at, I have over 50 online clients globally; many people don’t want just another diet…they are looking for results, both internally and externally…not to mention the vegan lifestyle is ethical.

MissFit Vegan

daria miss fit vegan kicking punch bag

Aka Daria Deptula, a certified health coach out of Miami. An animal lover and squashes vegan mythes that shrouds the vegan community over on her website.

Should check her out. Oh by the way, is there such a thing as a vegan that doesn’t like animals? Are you one? Get in touch for my next listical, Top 5 Vegans that aren’t entirely fussed about animals.

Read our an exclusive interview with Daria in our Human Research Influencer section. Below is a snippet.

Who do you go to for advice when it comes to nutrition? Who do you consider to be the authoritarian?

“Honestly, I don’t go to just ONE source. I think there is knowledge to be learned from various sources. It’s a matter of being able to figure out what is right for YOU and your needs. There is no magic cookie cutter or on-size-fits-all type of a plan”.

As of May 2018 this article on Vegan Models has scored over 1.5k views.

Vegan Models on instagram screenshot of wordpress stats

Did I miss someone out? Leave a comment in the box below and we’ll consider them for a solo feature.

Honourary Mention 

Mr Vegan Nicky Cook in black and white

At some point my mate Nicky Cook turned down a bite of my lamb sheesh kebab, (a very rare sharing move) and I knew something was up.

I was fearing the worst, maybe an untimely disposition, a death in the family, I just couldn’t put my finger on it, but my spidy-sense was a-tingling. When he told he had gone Vegan, it was such a relief.

He asked me if we could still friends, I laughed and said of course not, but we can still send each other Christmas cards and nod knowing across the room like Pesci and Deniro did in Casino. It’s probably best if you check him out for yourselves on YouTube.

That’s enough talk about Vegan models, stay tuned next week as I present top models that look like dudes that aren’t dudes.


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