CEO of Volvo – Håkan Samuelsson unveils the new XC40

Volvo have injected some ‘healthy swimmers’ into the SUV market of late. Their latest offering, the youthful  XC40, has arrived with all the promise of a 16-year-old Wayne Rooney putting a ‘in off the crossbar’ worldy against Arsenal in 2002.

We have a tissue dispenser for those that like to beat off in traffic. A centre consul for binning said tissues. My mate Steve Rolls has been quietly lobbying for these mod-cons for years.


Disruptive framing nonsense


What are you doing Dave? This is most irregular

The event was housed in an 80-hour pop up in the heart of Milan with 39 other Scandi-designs and brands present.

One guy made a mirror out of milled aluminum and was selling it for 650 sheets. Another made a sun-bed for plants. It was that kind of show.


This just isn’t just any mirror


Your plant can now get a sun tan before it goes to on a Med-cruise


Richard from T3 phones home

I met Masafumi Suzuki who was the editor of GQ in Japan. He looked the nails in this Thom Browne outfit (below).

I recently wrote a brand spotlight article on the ‘surprising proportions’ of Thom Browne on Menswear Style. The missus hates this look, but she can’t be right on all things.


When you think you’re going to ace the night in your patch quilt trousers and your dad arrives wearing Thom Browne

Antonio from Real Men Real Style says horizontal breaks on short people don’t work’.

With the greatest respect to Antonio, how fun would the world be without any rule breakers. Plus, I’m sick of us short dudes not getting to have any fun.

We’re supposedly not allowed to do anything that will draw attention to our vertical limitations. Well I say balls to that.


The ladies dig the look

The Volvo XC40 is now available for £27k and there is a special Volvo Car Care package that they’re rolling out to their customers indigenous within the M25.

This package is worth looking into if you’d like to share your motor with family or friends, if you’d like a re-fuelling service and concierge.

The Volvo Car Care starts at £620 and I’ll be talking more about that alongside an exclusive interview with the cars designer Ian Kettle over on the Menswear Style site.


Obligatory Volvo Phone App Pic

In the meantime I’d love to hear some feedback on the car. Is it masculine? Feminine? What about that Thom Browne suit? Would you rock that?

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