I will never speak about what happened in the toilet on the 06:15 to Washington. They say that the worser the experience the better the story. Boy do I have a story.

Although I imagine if you just flat out asked me, I’d tell you.

The above photo is the headquarters for the FBI. The Big Bus tour guide called it the ugliest building in all of Washington.

Washington has a mixture of neo-classical buildings and prismatic office towers.

Fast fashion is alive and well.

Did you know they filmed The Exorcist in Georgetown? We went up the steps below. 75 steps. It was eerie man. The deep shrill of the Cicadas at the top of the stairs is deafening. An allegorical cry from nature; get out. Get out now.

I recorded a video at the top. I’ll post it on the YouTube in the next week or so.

It was a long ass day. But I loved it.

I recommend the Big Bus tour. Think it costs 50 sheets each. Also download the app and you can keep a track when they’re due.

We went into the Washington National Museum of Art. Walking through the gallery, semi tuned out. About 18km walked in cheap shoes. We entered the ecclesiastical gallery. Nothing dulls my tiny grey matter more than ecclesiastical paintings. I said to the missus, ‘I’m done. Lets get a steak.’

She replied ‘You’re looking at theĀ Ginevra de’ Benci. It’s the only Leonardo Da Vinci painting in America.’

Sonofabitch. Me and my dumbass mouth.

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Photos unedited, compressed for the blog. Taken on Nikon D3500.


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