Taking pictures of watches has always been tricky for me. I’ve recently stumbled upon a technique that I wanted to share with you all and you can watch the tutorial in my YouTube video, likey and subscribey if you likey it. Or don’t.

For product shots indoors I use the Canon E05 and touch them up in Lightroom, often putting the image through a Vivid filter, and sharpening the image to around 15-20%. Any higher and it becomes to grainy when blown up. If it looks a little washed I lower the black filter rather than the exposure.

Aviator Watch on table close up

Aviator Cobra Watch

So here is how I have done these images using the Filippo Loreti Venice Moon Phase watch which I’ll be reviewing at a later date.

  • Find the best place in the house where the sun comes in.
  • Place the product on some white background that you can make with A3 presentation boards.
  • If you have blinds then set them appropriately to refract the light

Close up of a Blue dial Venice Moon phase watch with black box in back ground

On location

Getting lifestyle imagery for watches is a challenge. I’d like to say I embrace the challenge but I don’t, often it’s a ball ache and a compromise of how much I want me in the shot, the background, or the watch.

I have one go-to pose which is ye-old, watch behind the back pose. See below.

Shot of man from behind with his hand behind his neck showing off his watch

Adexe London Watch

I also like to utilise places where it would feel natural to look at your watch. I’m not into looking at the watch in a cheesy fashion, but say just being on a train station where you’d be conscious of the time feels like a natural shot. See below.

Man wearing watch with his hands in his pocket on a platform at a train station

The Oris Divers watch

That’s probably all I have for now. I’d say the favourite person on instagram that I like to follow regarding watches is Sophie Furley, editor-in-chief over at Revolution Magazine. She has a nice blend of travel photography and information on new timepiece launches. Click on her image below to follow her on Instagram.

Instagram screenshot capture of Sophie Furley showing watches

If you have any tips or hints that you’d like to share please drop me a comment in the box below.



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