Osterley Park and House Dark Knight Rises

Wayne Manor from The Dark Knight Rises inside Osterley Park and House

Here are some photos of Osterley House synced with some screen captures from The Dark Knight Rises. 

Varying reports from staff said that production was here from 2 weeks to 2 months. I imagine it would have taken 2 months to repaint the house from the green hallways to the moody blue/grey that you see in the final film.

Osterley Park and House Alfred scene

Batman meets Catwoman

Many of the paintings and mirrors were removed for the scene where Catwoman steals Bruce Wayne’s mothers necklace. Again the walls were painted the same grey/blue colour.

Clearly they thought green would be too cheery a colourful for Bruce Wayne whilst convalescing from his wounds and the loss of Rachel.

Wayne Manor Catwoman scene

Bruce Wayne’s Bedroom

Below is a picture of Bruce Wayne’s bedroom. It used to be bright yellow but they gutted the room for the purpose of the shot.

The film had an estimated budget of $250 million dollars and Warner Bros compensated the National Trust handsomely so I’m told.

However, the money was not used to bring this room, The Yellow Breakfast Room, back to its original colour.

 The Yellow Breakfast Room Osterley Park and House

Dude what about the door to the Batcave?

Currently the library that leads to the Batcave is not open to the public on the walking tours. I was told the house doesn’t have enough volunteers to keep the wing of the house open.

It’s definitely worth the trip, Osterley Park and House is open every day and it’s £11.70 for adults.

The staff will ask if you’d like to make a gift aid donation of £1.30 which we didn’t do. (Yes we are tight location travellers).

Though if you’d like to walk around the grounds without going into the house you can, that’s free.

Osterley Park and House

Osterley Park and House fields

Below is a video I’ve found where someone has cleverly filmed the house and incorporated the scenes from The Dark Knight Rises.

How do I get to Osterley Park and House bro?

Well first off please refrain from calling me ‘Bro’. I’m not a fan.

If you’re looking to visit Osterley Park and House then it’s quite easy to get to if you’re coming from Central London.

Take the Piccadilly Line that will lead you to Osterley Station and it’s a 20 minute walk from the station through the grounds.

If you’re more of a Bond fan then you can check out some cool James Bond locations in London as well as follow my Pinterest Board on James Bond locations.

James Bond locations Pinterest Board



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